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The Sustainable Father’s Day Gift of 2024

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The most original Father’s Day Gift of 2024

A Father’s Day gift that dad can enjoy for years to come? How great is that? No endless searching through all the stores for a gift that is the same as all the years before. It’s a win-win! It’s Father’s Day on Sunday, June 16th, so we’re sharing the ultimate sustainable Father’s Day ideas with you. This way, you can thank your dad with our endlessly reusable notebook. Already excited? Check out our entire collection of erasable notebooks here.

Bambook: The Sustainable Father’s Day Gift of 2024

Bambook is an erasable notebook with the choice of an FSC-cardboard cover or a sturdy bamboo cover. The whiteboard pages inside can be erased and reused time and time again. Super convenient! A Bambook for Father’s Day always comes in handy: it's a useful gift for every day.

Gift tips for Father’s Day

5x the Cutest Father’s Day Tips 2024
sustainable gift fathersday

A personalised Father’s Day gift

Nothing beats a personalised gift. How about an erasable notebook with his name engraved on it? Now that’s special. You can choose the size and easily put together the pages inside. Mix & match the exact Bambook that suits your dad.

Fathersday Bambook Giftbox

If you’re looking for a complete writing experience with the Giftbox, you can even write his name on the packaging.

A Sustainable Gift…

..that will be unwrapped with a smile!

From making lists to making notes and tracking tasks…It’s guaranteed he’ll use his Bambook every day. The switch to erasable writing helps Dad live a little more sustainably (and productively) every day. No more paper waste; completely zero waste! Living consciously can be so easy.

The best Father’s Day gifts for every type of dad

Which one is yours?
bambook voor moederdag
Nailed it!

The handy dandy daddy

Is your dad the one who’s always fixing things around the house? By giving him a place to sketch out his projects to scale and measure things out down to the millimeter you will surely nail it this year!

Vaderdag gadget
A notebook always comes in handy

Mr. Gadget

Is your father crazy about the latest gadgets? Bambook is a cool gadget your dad can use on a daily. For his job, his hobbies and more.

bambook voor moederdag
There's no business like dad's business

Busy dad

Although he has everything under control, his desk is still full of memos and paperwork. Treat your father to an eye-catcher for his (home) office. All his notes tucked away in one place and always a tidy desk! Tip: does your father often travel for work? Then choose the Classic Hardcover. Thanks to the sturdy cover, it won't get damaged in its bag!

Plenty of room for all his ideas

Creative dad

Show your father that you really went out of your way to find him the perfect gift. Surprise him with the Bambook Notepad with enough space for drawing out all his (im)possible, handy and funny ideas. A notebook always comes in handy!

The best job everrr

Full-time father

Fatherhood is the most beautiful and busiest job there is. That is why the Do-Book is ideal for keeping track of homework, meal planning or shopping lists. A Father's Day gift that is used every day!

Original Father’s Day Gift 2024

 Ideas For a More A Personal Gift

Do you want to make your Bambook Father’s Day gift extra personal? Then we have a tip for you! Write something sweet in the Bambook for your dad. Here are some tips:

  1. Write a sweet message, a quote, or a little poem on the first page.
  2. Leave a sweet message on a random page, so he’ll discover it later.
  3. Use your doodle skills and turn one or more pages into a voucher, worth an activity or treat. For example, a cosy forest walk or a beer tasting.
  4. Write down some beautiful memories from the past year. If you have photos, print them out and carefully stick them on the pages with sticky tape.

And the fun part is that once he’s read your written pages, he can easily clean them with a lightly damp cloth. If he wants to keep your sweet words or your voucher, he can scan and save them in the Bambook App. Scan, erase, and ready to use!

Fathersday gift with name

Father’s Day Gift With His Name

 We’ll laser his name into the front of the bamboo cover. This is done in our workshop in Ede, Netherlands. But did you know you can have something else engraved besides his name?

Engraved Father’s Day Gifts

We engrave up to 18 characters. Besides his name, you can also have something else engraved, such as:

  • Something sweet, like “Superhero dad” or a nickname
  • “Dear Dad/The sweetest Dad”
  • “Ideas from Dad (or his name)”
  • “Dad’s to-do list”

Bamook with Name

Lasered into a stylish bamboo cover.
Starting from €39.99
The most personalised Father's Day gift. Mix and match the inner pages yourself!

Father’s Day gift letterbox

Can't visit Dad on Father’s Day? Lucky for you Bambook just fits through the letterbox! In that case, have the parcel delivered to his home. Our products are delivered in a beautiful (and sustainable) box: an indelible treat to unwrap anywhere.

Happy zero-waste Father’s Day!

We wish you a very happy Father’s Day, with a smile, a big hug, treats and an (indelible) gift.

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