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Bambook when you have autism: Chantal's story

Planning & Autism:

How a Bambook helped Chantal
Chantal (26) makes use of her Do-Book - a tool that’s been exceptionally helpful for her autism.With it, she’s able to maintain the overview of her planning that she needs. Today she’s taking us through her journey and tells us why Bambook works so well for her.
Chantal Bambook
Let me introduce

“My name is Chantal, I’m 26 and at the moment I don’t have a fixed career since I’m chronically ill. However, I recently started as a UGC creator so I’m still able to earn some money from home. On her instagram account, @puurchantal, she candidly shares information relating to sustainability, as well as snippets of her life with autism and ME.

A mini version

We are of course immediately curious as to where Chantal knows Bambook from: "I saw Bambook regularly on my social media. Plus, we had a mini version from a Christmas package, which my friend often uses."

Overview and structure

Chantal chose the Do-Book: “It seemed so handy to create a better overview of my week. It’s ideal for my work when I can create a clear structure and have a good overview of everything I still have to do in that week.”

Do Book autisme plannner
World Autism Day 2024

On Tuesday, April 2nd 2024, it is World Autism Day, raising autism awareness within our society. 

Bambook as an Autism-Planner

And we gladly support this! Bambook is the ideal tool for more structure and better focus. And consequently, it offers just an extra boost of overview for those with autism, so their day is a little less stressful. 

Previously, Chantal occasionally filled out a planner, "But not by default every week. I did this in a simple weekly planner on paper. Often I only wrote down my appointments and no other tasks."

Waste of Paper

So that simple paper planner turned out not to be the solution after all. "Because I'm working a lot on sustainability, I often thought of all the paper I was wasting. Also since I only occasionally worked on these planners, I never paid much attention to it." Result: little was done with the planning and the paper ended up in the paper bin.

Planning a Month in Advance: Do-Book as a Helping Hand for Autism

What does Chantal use her Bambook for? "I schedule all my appointments at the beginning of the month in the monthly overview. Then in the weekly view, I fill in my appointments with times attached." This gives her an instant clear overview of how busy her week is.

"Once that's filled out properly, I look at everything on my to-do list and schedule those in with the days as well. This way I have a clear overview per week with what I have to do.

Since I don't have a steady job this often involves personal appointments and to-do's. Now that I am going to try to do some work again these tasks can also be added into my notebook.”

Do-Book as a Helping Hand for Autism

The ideal tool for more structure and better focus.
Do-Book: Different Templates for Your Planning

Chantal now uses her Do-Book daily to check her schedule. "Often I use the to-do list and the notes pages every week as well," she says.

The Bambook app

"For me, the best part is the sustainability element. In addition, I find it convenient that you can take pictures with the app and thereby save your notes on your phone. It gives me a handy overview of my week."

Cleaning Your Bambook

"I was surprised at how easy it is to clean and how nicely it writes. I thought this would take some getting used to but it’s not the case at all." Want to learn more about how an erasable notebook works? Find out here >

Do-book for autism
Being Precise

"For me personally, I like to have a clear structure and to know where I stand. Luckily, it’s super simple to have these insights with Bambook. It's also nice that if I make a mistake, I can easily correct it. I'm quite a stickler for accuracy."

Just like Chantal, You Can Visualize Your Planning With Bambook.

The best autism planner
“I would recommend the Do-Book to anyone who is still in the habit of using paper. If you don’t enjoy working digitally and prefer pen and paper, this truly is the ideal solution.”
Chantal Do-book

This is enough reason to make the switch, according to Chantal. You see how a simple change - from paper to Bambook - can make the world’s difference when it comes to creating structure and overview. And don’t forget about how much paper you save by not using traditional notebooks. \

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