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Left-Handed Notebooks: How Bambooks Do-Book Makes the Difference For Anna and Laura

Posted in Productivity

Left-Handed Notebooks: How Bambooks Do-Book

Makes the Difference For Anna and Laura

Are you unsure if the Do-Book is for you? Today Laura (27) and Anna (22) open up about their experiences! In an age where digital lists reign supreme, they have rediscovered the benefits of physical writing, especially in a notebook for left-handed people and perfectionists. Once they came across Bambook on Instagram; the rest is history.

In this blog, check out how the Do-Book has found a place in their daily lives AND whether it lives up to their expectations.

Maybe you, like Laura and Anna, will soon upgrade your daily planning with our erasable notebook.

From Chaos to Do-Book Success: This is the Story of Anna and Laura.


Laura en Anna
Let's introduce..

Laura: "I am Laura, 27 years young and born and raised in Bruges. During the first Corona wave, I became seriously ill which made me seek refuge in reading. A hobby that has always been there but mainly got put on the back burner. Thanks to opening a bookstagram account I have rediscovered my love for reading."


Anna: "I'm Anna, 22 years old and a left-handed creative jack-of-all-trades. I do bullet journaling and am truly a Lena List. I am very perfectionist in that and regularly tear out lists because it doesn't add up. I work as a pedagogical assistant."

What Do You Use

Your Do-Book For?

Laura: "I have many notebooks, but I rarely use them because they are too pretty and you don't want to mess them up. So I often used loose notepads and loose pages to scribble things on.

Now I use my Do-Book to make daily to-do lists for the household. For my content planning on Instagram, I use the monthly overview.

On the blank pages, I make lists of who all I want to send a card to; and I can write down ideas there that pop into my head for my Instagram account."


Anna: "Before I used my Do-Book I ran into quite a problem with my perfectionism with to-do lists. Now I use my Do-Book for to-do lists, but also for scribbles and to get my thoughts in order."

From Chaos to Do-Book Success:

Check out your productivity buddy

What Were Your Expectations

of the Do-book beforehand?

Laura: "I thought the idea of being able to reuse pages and easily update mistakes was great! And being able to see something on 'paper' is always nicer than digital calendars/listing."


Anna: "Honestly, beforehand I didn't think it was going to work because I'm left-handed.”

Do-Book binnenwerk


Does it Meet Your Expectations?

Laura: "Pages can be reused by cleaning with a slightly damp cloth (it makes you feel good because you don't waste paper) + it stays neat if you want to touch up a mistake (no streaks and scratches). You only need 1 booklet, which you can use for multiple things.

I did miss tabs/subdivisions at the beginning that separate the categories.”

That's why, especially for people like Laura,

we have tabs in our collection.
Now you can easily go directly to the page you want to be on.

Anna: "It’s the ideal notebook for left-handed people since it’s erasable, but doesn’t easily get wiped out while you write. It’s super nice! I also think the ring binder is a huge plus. You can lean on it really well.”

What Were You Surprised About?

Laura: "How easy the pages are to reuse!"

Anna: "The fact that I don't just accidentally wipe out my written text while writing. Super nice!"


What is The Biggest Difference Between How Things Were Before and After Using Your Do-Book?


Laura: "No more digital lists on the smartphone. Rather, writing in the Do-Book and scanning with the app."

Anna: "Less torn-out pages in my notebooks ;)."

Who Would You Recommend

Your Do Book to and Why?

Laura: "I would recommend the Do-Book if you’re like me and love making to-do lists and like to write things down instead of doing everything digitally."


Anna: "I would recommend the Do-Book if, like me, you are a Lena List and are very perfectionist with list-making. And of course, if you’re looking for a cool notebook for left-handed people."

Do-Book maandplanner

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