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One app to scan all your Bambook products
Bambook app

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Never lose your notes again.

The Bambook app is the perfect supplement to your Bambook notebook. After you've filled your Bambook notebook with wild ideas, plans, brain dumps, poems, doodles, song lyrics, observations, inspirational quotes, to-do lists, important information and more, you can use the app to digitize your creations with the touch of one button. In this way you can still save your important information and empty your Bambook ready to be reused again.

The Bambook app is compatible with all Bambook products. The pages of our Bambook products are all featured with a black frame. This way, the edges are recognized by the app and only your notes are scanned excluding the surroundings.

Scan, save, organize, and share your notes using the Bambook app.


One app to scan all our products

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