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Smarter writing to a better planet.

How does it work?

Discover the new way of writing
Endlessly reusable

Endlessly adjust, erase and reuse

Bambook leaves no excuse for single use paper. Every Bambook can be fully erased with a slightly damp cloth. You can easily make small changes with the eraser on the back of the marker that comes with each notebook. This way you can start each day with a clean slate.

Your personal Bambook

Create a Bambook that is tailored to your needs

You know best what works for you. With our option to compose your Bambook, you’ll be able to create a notebook that is tailored to you and meets all your needs. You can choose your cover (hardcover or softcover), the size of the notebook and types of erasable whiteboard pages.

Sustainable and cost effective

Reduce paper waste

Do you always take a notebook with you to jot down quick notes? We get you! Taking notes helps us collect our thoughts and ideas in one place. Chances are that you are using up quite a few notebooks throughout the year. Not only can that be quite costly, it's also not very sustainable. With an erasable Bambook notebook you simply don't have to buy a new one every few months.

Get organized

Scan, share and save your pages using the Bambook App

With the free Bambook App you can digitize all your notes. This way you can save important information and erase your notebook when you are done. You can share your scans with Google Drive and OneDrive. This way you will have all your notes in one place and accessible from any place.

Why Bambook?

You can make an impact
Impact through use

Every Bambook counts

Bambook notebooks are endlessly reusable. The more you use your Bambook, the more paper you save and the less trees are cut down for single use purposes. Each Bambook notebook also empowers other people to choose a reusable notebook over a single-use one. Together we can end paper waste!

Produced Locally

Empower people

Bambook is produced locally at a sheltered workshop in Ede, the Netherlands by people who are at a distance from the labour market. This way, you empower these people to do what they do best within their abilities.

Fight Deforestation

One tree for every Bambook

We're on a mission to stop deforestation due to single use paper. To make your contribution to this mission even bigger, you are also planting a tree on Madagascar for every Bambook notebook you purchase.

There is a Bambook for you

No matter your style

Useful in every situation

Draw, doodle, brainstorm or take notes
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Save money

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