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Have your World a Merry Little Christmas

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Dear disposable industry,

we need to talk.

The holidays are coming; and where would we be without you! Shiny wrapping paper, an abundance of gifts, colourful and sparkly decorations... Everything to turn our living rooms into a party. And then: the trash can.

But.. Is that how a celebration should end?

We are Bambook. We want these upcoming months to be a celebration. Not only for us, but also for the earth. And that the party doesn't end in the trash, but in our hearts. That is why we want to inspire as many people as possible with Bambook; the endlessly reusable whiteboard notebook; an (in)delible gift for you & our planet. The sustainable December gift of 2022.

eden projects

This is our game plan. Are you in?

Together we got this!

Let's do something extra for our planet this festive season.

In the coming months, we aim at reaching our goal of planting 1 million trees at our planting site on Madagascar. 

The forests there are in critical condition because a large part has been cut down. This threatens local plant and animal species.


The benefits last for generations.

Three years ago we started our reforestation project there. Now, we are creating employment opportunities for local communities as well as a steady income. We actively involve the local community in the reforestation of their community land.

Good news:

We’re almost there!


Join us:

buy a Bambook product and plant a tree

Check! We are going to inspire as many people as possible to switch to erasable writing. Because for each product sold, we plant a tree at our own planting site on Madagascar. On Hello Green (October 31st) & Green Friday weekend (November 25-28) we will even plant two trees per product!

Time for action

All you have to do is give someone a Bambook as a gift, or put one on your wishlist yourself. Or why not both!



Trees planted so far


We’re almost there!

Give your world a merry little Christmas.


The end of paper waste is near! With our reusable notebook, you'll start your 2023 zero-waste.

Have you already looked in our Giftguide which Bambook suits you or your loved one best?

Special to give, magical to receive.. Who do you surprise?

Challenge accepted.

This festive season, we’ve signed up for:
  • Bend the norm: Reusable as the new norm

Inspire your loved ones with a sustainable gift like Bambook.

  • Put an end to deforestation

Every day roughly 95,000 football fields disappear from trees, or 1 football field per second (Source: Global forest watch).

  • Your own tree on Madagascar.

For every product sold (yes, really!) we plant a tree on Madagascar on your behalf. On Hello Green (October 31) & Green Friday (November 25) we will even plant two trees per product!

  • A gift with a story.

Handmade in the Netherlands.

  • No more paper waste.

That’s the advantage of an endlessly reusable notebook. Can you imagine how many piles of paper that saves?

Let’s unwrap

the benefits
  • Compose yourself

    Mix & match the Bambook that suits you perfectly

  • Focus

    Overview of your weekly goals, to-do's & planning

  • Zero waste

    An empty trash can

  • Start doing

    The best start to your workflow in 2023

Compose yourself

Mix & match the Bambook that suits you perfectly


Overview of your weekly goals, to-do's & planning

Zero waste

An empty trash can

Start doing

The best start to your workflow in 2023

Discover the benefits of Bambook

How will it grow?

That's up to us! The more people start writing without paper waste this season, the more trees we plant at our tree planting project on Madagascar.

And this is just the beginning. Because of course we will continue after we reach 1 million trees in Madagascar. We can't wait to make an impact with you in many more places in the coming years.

On to the million and beyond!

Do you want to stay informed about this adventure and whether we will succeed? Sign up for our newsletter & follow us on socials!

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