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Gift Ideas: 10 Occasions To Give A Bambook A4 With Name

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Have you spotted it in our webshop yet? Starting this month, we have the Bambook A4 with name available in A5 and A4. It's a popular product, because of what a great gift idea it is!

Giving is just as fun - so we have listed 10 Occasions to Give a Bambook A4 With name for you. Which name can we engrave on it for you? Tip: score our accessories with it!

1. Birthday: The Best Sustainable Gift Idea of 2023

Are you still looking for a sustainable birthday gift idea; choose a personalized erasable notebook. From planning-master to creative; thanks to all types of inserts, this Bambook is suitable for everyone to use every day!

2. A New Job: Let's Get Organised

New job? Bambook is the most useful gift! The perfect tool to take notes and get through the onboarding period in an organized way. And of course, if someone has started their own business, having the company name engraved is incredibly unique.

PS: A logo is also possible, but only from 25 books or more. Check out our business page for that.

3. Beginning Of A New Chapter: Turn The Page!

The start of a new life chapter is a perfect occasion for a Bambook A4 with Name. For example, moving house, starting your own business, children or a big project - Bambook is incredibly useful for recording plans and goals. It's a great gift idea to celebrate the start of a special period.

4. Engagement or Wedding Gift Idea: Personalised Wedding Gift

A named Bambook is the ideal gift for a newly engaged couple! Perfect for keeping track of all the ideas and to-do's around the wedding. You can choose the names or of course the wedding date, or something general like 'Our wedding plans'.

Be careful though; you can only use 15 characters (including spaces), or else it won't work out with our laser-engraving machine.

Consider what a great wedding gift idea the Bambook with name is! A shared Bambook where all household to-do's, practical matters, and shared dreams and goals are written down. Because fair is fair. Home is where the shared-Bambook is :-)

5. Christmas Gift Idea: A Personalized, Sustainable Christmas Gift

Coming up with a unique Christmas gift idea is not that easy. Especially if you want to go for a sustainable gift that doesn't end up in the back of the cupboard. With the Bambook A4 with Name you are always right: personal, stylish and suitable for young and old. We all write, right?

Tip: if you prefer something a little smaller, the Bambook A5 with name, combined with our gift box, is a real holiday topper. Unfortunately, the A4 Bambook with name does not (yet) fit in our gift box.

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6. Teacher's Day Gift Idea: The Teacher in The Spotlight

If there is one place a lot of writing is done, it’s in the education field! If you are tired of gifts with lame teacher puns, the Bambook A4 with name is there. It's the perfect gift idea for all the teachers and masters who want to work a little smarter.

7. Father's Day and Mother's Day: The Most Original Gift

Well... you've had that shower gel pack, cologne or BBQ apron by now, right? So this year, opt for an original Father's and Mother's Day gift. We thought so too. Stylish, zero waste and above all, useful!

8. Back To School or Back To Work: Erasable Stationery

A present for yourself; is that even allowed? We think so :- ) After the summer holidays, everyone starts again with a fresh start at school or work. A perfect time to switch to a reusable notebook. It’s especially nice of course if it has your name on it!

Want to get the full erasable stationery? Check out our school stationery here>>

Bambook Teachers Day

9. Farewell Gift or Thank You: A Zero Waste Gift Idea

The best thank-you gift is almost in your shopping basket: give a Bambook A4 With Name to someone who helped you! Your teacher, coach or volunteers could probably do with something like this! Buying a farewell gift is also often something you actually think of just too late.

What do you give someone who already has everything? Or someone you don't know very well? Bambook is the answer! It’s something unique other than the usual bunch of flowers.

10. Get Well Gift: Step by Step Recovery

The classic fruit basket. Delicious! But it’s getting old. Did you know that Bambook A4 With Name can be a handy tool when someone is in recovery? Results, rehabilitation plans, health goals and medication can be accurately tracked and updated.

So a very useful and durable get-well gift. It’s the best way to show your support!

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