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Cleaning your Bambook notebook

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Everything you need to know

about cleaning your Bambook notebook

Writing, scanning, erasing: the joy of every Bambooker. But how exactly does the latter work? Allow us to explain it to you based on frequently asked questions from our customers.

What makes a Bambook notebook erasable?

Our erasable notebook is endlessly reusable. After you have scanned the notes you wish to keep with the free Bambook app, you can clean the pages with a slightly damp cloth. Magic? Not exactly.. The pages have been treated with a special coating (UV lacquer) making them fully erasable. Thanks to this, you can have the best writing experience, but without paper waste. Win-win!


How does the Bambook marker work?

First of all, you need to know exactly how the Bambook marker works. The ink from this pen is water-soluble: which means that it disappears when it comes into contact with water. There is a felt pad on the back of the pen. You can use this to make minor corrections or alterations to your text or drawing, such as erasing a letter or word.

How do I clean the felt?

Over time, you may get some black streaks in your Bambook when you try to erase with the felt pad. Do not panic! This just means it's time to clean the felt pad. Follow the below steps:

1. Fill a glass of water with 1 cm of warm water

2. Add baking soda and stir briefly

3. Soak your marker with the felt in the water for a while. Press the bottom a few times and then blot well. 

And it's ready to be reused again! 

How to clean my Bambook notebook?

Because the ink is water soluble, you can erase your Bambook pages with water. Use a slightly damp cloth or the Bambook Cleaning Set for this. The Cleaning Set is a pouch containing a spray bottle, a cloth and a sponge. Note: your spray bottle is empty upon arrival. You fill it yourself with tap water.

Benefits of the Cleaning Set

  • You always have water with you on the go to erase your Bambook
  • Sponge and cloth at hand
  • A stylish pencil case with storage space for other accessories

Spray 2-3 times on the page and go over it with the cloth or sponge. Make sure the page is dry before you write on it again. Note: the pages cannot withstand too much water. Go for slightly damp, not fully wet. For notes that have been in your Bambook for a while, you can use a drop of lemon juice or diluted dishwash soap. 

Cleaning Kit

How long can I leave my notes for?

Sometimes your notes stay in your Bambook for so long that cleaning requires a little more elbow grease. Our tip: don't let your notes sit too long. Create a routine that works for you and scan all your notes every other week or month and save them in the Bambook app. Are you struggling to clean your pages with just water and a cloth? Add a drop of dish soap or lemon juice. And there you go!

I accidentally wrote in my notebook with permanent marker, what to do now?

It can happen that you accidentally write in your Bambook with a permanent marker. Oops! We have tested all kinds of remedies for you in this blog. Spoiler: Nail polish remover without acetone works best.

Bambook Cleaning Kit

Contents of the Cleaning Kit

  • 1x Bamboo spray bottle

Please note: the spray bottle is empty! You are supposed to open it and fill it yourself with tap water.

  • 1x Cleaning cloth

Make it slightly damp with water

  • 1x Magic sponge

The sponge is ideal if you have to erase several pages at once or if you have to scrub a little harder because the text has been sitting on it for a while.


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