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8x Why Bambook is the best sustainable Christmas gift of 2022

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It's the season of giving! And we are all about that: giving to each other, and giving back to the earth. That's why we're all for Sustainable Christmas Gifts. 

But... it's not that easy.

Two shopping sessions, a dozen screenshots of potential gifts and an army of tabs in your browser later...

Meanwhile, Christmas is getting closer and closer....

Ho, ho, ho... - don't panic. Today you will read 8 reasons why Bambook is the best sustainable Christmas gift of 2022.

Who will you be surprising?

1. Choose a unique Christmas gift with a story

An endlessly reusable Christmas gift

In 2014, Brent, Marco, Richard and Ward came up with the idea for a notebook with whiteboard paper that is erasable and endlessly reusable. A new chapter against paper waste.

At this point, we have 10 people working in the office, a workshop full of heroes and a reforestation plan on Madagascar. Every day we continue our fight against paper waste and we want to develop an erasable alternative for every writing utensil one day.

2. Choose a sustainable Christmas gift

A tree for every Bambook: a celebration for the earth.

For every notebook purchase, we plant a tree! And we do so in Madagascar. We have our own Bambook planting site there.

In doing so, you support the restoration of the environment as well as employment opportunities for the local community there.

Bambook boom planten

3. Choose a handmade Christmas gift

Made with care in our Bambook workshop

Weighing the pages, turning spirals, attaching pen elastics: every Bambook is assembled by hand in our workshop. Made with love!

Sociale werkplaats

4. Choose an original Christmas gift

An usable gift

Be honest: how many unused gifts do you have lying around in your cupboard? That's exactly what we want to prevent!

Bambook is a gift for everyday use - whether you make lists, notes, drawings or mind maps.

Our gift ideas for you

5. Choose a Christmas gift with name

Personalised gift

A gift with a name is always more fun and personal! We will gladly laser your name or that of your father, sister, friend or neighbour in our A5 Bambook hardcover.

A stylish and personalised December gift!

Gepersonaliseerd kerst kado

6. Choose a Sustainable Christmas gift

Christmas gift without wrapping paper

Looking to surprise a loved one with the Bambook Gift Box? Then you won't need any wrapping paper!

If you choose another option, we have some waste-free, sustainable wrapping tips for you. Roll up those sleeves!

7. Choose a fair price

A gift without a discount code
You might have been looking hard for a discount code at Bambook. But alas... we don't have one. One consolation: our products are just always at a fair price - for you, the Bambook workshop and our tree planters on Madagascar.

8. Choose a gift for every budget

But always with a big impact

With our growing product range, there is something for every wallet. Have you seen our Bambook Pocket Notebook yet?

No matter how big or small your gift is; we plant a tree for every Bambook. And that's priceless!

Bambook goedkoop

Together we make an impact

We want these months to be a celebration. Not only for us, but also for the earth. We also believe that celebration should not end in the paper bin, but within our hearts.

That's why we want to inspire as many people as possible with Bambook; the endlessly reusable whiteboard notebook; a gift for you & our planet. The sustainable Christmas gift of 2022.

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