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Smart writing: your ultimate workflow

Posted in Productivity

Paper vs. digital

What is the ultimate workflow?

Your workflow. Tell us! You want to write down a note, complete your to do list or take note of something you shouldn't forget. Do you grab a pen and a piece of paper? Or have you already unlocked your screen? There's no doubt that you have your own personal preference. Digital note taker vs. fanatic writer: in this blog you will discover why it doesn't have to be either or.

What is the optimal workflow?

Bambook: the best of both worlds. The optimal workflow is all about processing information in the most efficient way. That is why at Bambook we combine the advantages of the physical action of writing with the advantages of digital working. The cons of both can go into the shredder as far as we're concerned! Collecting and processing all your information has never been so structured. This works as follows:

1. Collect in your Bambook
2. Process in the free Bambook app
3. Erase & Reuse


What are the advantages of your workflow on paper?

1. Writing is a great excersise for the brain! Especially for when it comes to processing complex information. Taking notes on paper has proven to be have several other advantages over typing. Learn more about this topic in this blog.

2. During a meeting or brainstorm session, taking notes on paper is promoting a more collaborative atmosphere rather than looking at a screen. This prevents a feeling of disinterest, boredom or distraction.

3. Looking at it very practically: the battery of your paper notebook is never empty. No hassle with power outlets and your cord that is just a tiny bit too short.

What are the disadvantages of your workflow on paper?

1. No central information point. You'll soon have several notepads, loose papers and a stack of receipts.

2. Information can be difficult to retrieve. Employees spend up to 20% of their working time looking up information. That's crazy! All that browsing is a waste of time.


What are the benefits of your digital workflow?

1. You can easily bundle & organize information. 

2. You can find documents quickly.

A digital workflow sounds like the solution.. However, that's not entirely true. 

What are the disadvantages of your digital workflow?

1. Information overload. The digital workflow can be chaotic. With unlimited space, you store a lot of nonsense, which means that it costs you time to find out and filter everything afterwards. How was that relevant again? Every once in a while you have to take out your digital broom and go through the whole thing which can be quite a time consuming job. WHYYY?!? do I have the same document saved as 5 different versions, without a proper name.. Working digitally doesn't necessarily mean things are more organized. Your desk may seem clean and organized, while your digital working space is an utter mess. 

2. Loss of focus. The latest gadgets & apps: cool, but before you know it you are working with 8 different tools. Keep it simple, keep your focus.

How can you combine both workflows

using your Bambook notebook?

1. Collecting information

A reusable Bambook notebook is an ideal gathering place for all your information. With different interiors you have the possibility to collect sketches, notes, to do lists, mind maps and schedules all in one and the same place. You can compose your Bambook exactly according to your personal preferences. 

2. Processing information

Process your information in the Bambook app. Make sure you find a routine in processing your information. You can choose to update your to do list daily (erase the tasks that have been completed) and scan your sketches on a weekly basis, for example. Scan your notes using the free Bambook scanning app, place them in a folder with an appropriate name/color and sync with your favorite cloud service (Google Drive or Onedrive). Your information has been processed in the right place right away!

3. Filtering & prioritizing information

Done scanning and saving your important notes? Time to erase! With an ersable notebook you work smarter. Why? Once your notebook is full, you determine which information is worth scanning with the app - and which information can be erased. By doing so, you are already subconsciously filtering the information. This will save you a lot of time in the long run as you only keep the things that are truly important. 

To conclude, the ultimate workflow is based on 3 principes: collecting information in your Bambook, processing the information digitally with the app and filtering the information so you keep a clear overview. Discover smarter writing and order your erasable notebook today!

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