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Visualising ideas with Bambook
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Tired of setting goals? Create a vision board instead!

Posted in Productivity

Stop setting goals

Let's start with your intrinsic motivation!

Setting goals. We love it and hate it at the same time. You might start out really excited and feeling structured, however you lose sight of them after a while or weren't able to fulfill them because they were a little too ambitious. That can be demotivating, right? 

Next time, you might shy away from setting goals again because:

  • You feel like you won’t fulfill them anyway
  • Others don’t support your goals
  • You don’t have the time, energy or funds.

When setting goals for ourselves, we have a tendency to think very practically. We tend to think that our goals are the things we really want to achieve. But the truth is: our goals are purely a means to an end. 

The act of completing a goal on its own will never be truly satisfactory, because we are never really done, are we? However, getting one step closer to achieving a deeply rooted desire does make you feel accomplished. The notion that you control your own personal growth and that you are one step closer to becoming your best self is motivating and helps you gain confidence in what you do. That’s what we call progress! 

Find out what the difference is between goals and intrinsic motivation:

Differences goals and intrinsic motivation

In short, it helps to be aware of your true desires as it will help you stay motivated and stay on track. With a vision board you can keep reminding yourself why you want to achieve those goals so badly this year. 

Let’s get started

Creating a vision board is a great way to think about what it is that you truly want and to visualize this. Think about what makes you happy, what your priorities are both in life and work and what would be your dream if there weren’t any roadblocks. 

Caught a vibe

A vision board is usually a combination of imagery and text. You can create a vision board using snippets from newspapers, or magazines that you still have lying around or found at a thrift shop. You could also pick up a pen and draw it out for yourself or create one digitally. 

  • The advantage of a physical vision board is that you can put it somewhere that you will see regularly to remind yourself of your goals. The creative process of creating something is also a great exercise for your brain. 
  • The advantage of a digital vision board is that you won’t be wasting any paper and you can access or adjust it easily at any time. 

Start doing!

Before you start, take your time to relax and get closer to yourself. Grab your Bambook and start drawing a mindmap with some first ideas or words that fit into your perfect world. Then it’s time to go wild! Another tip from us: it’s even more fun and inspiring to do this activity together with a friend. 


Grab your Bambook notebook

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