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Hey you! Join the write.

Because at Bambook, we write history.

A quick scribble on the phone, your to-do list or important notes - we keep writing despite digitisation. Pen and paper are indispensable. Did you know that we use around 80 kilos of paper per person per year? (source: milieucentraal) And we don't blame at all: writing by hand has many advantages.

Yet it can be done smarter.

So what is the problem!? Well, most of the paper we use ends up in the bin. And that could be much smarter! Because this way, we burden our planet more than necessary. High time, then, to open a book about the paper industry! To make sure you are well informed and can make the best choice. We list the facts.

The impact of

the paper industry
The numbers of the paperindustry


Bleaches, de-inkers and polymer retention agents
Water consumption
The numbers of the paperindustry

Water consumption

One A4 sheet requires an average of 10 litres of water
The numbers of the paperindustry

CO2 emissions

For one A4 sheet, the emissions are 4.74 g CO 2eq per sheet

Paper is precious.

So we use it sparingly.

Turning wood pulp into paper requires energy, water and chemical bleaching agents. All this is done in factories with massive machines. So we can say: paper is precious!

What about recycling paper?

Recycling paper sounds like a good idea, but the recycling process also leaves its mark. Think of picking up and collecting old paper, the energy consumption of the mills to reprocess the pulp, bleaching with chemicals, etc.

Endlessly reusable paper

With erasable notebooks, Bambook offers the possibility to clean your pages in a snap and reuse the paper. This skips all the recycling steps in the production chain and saves a lot. Together with all Bambookers, we will make reusability the norm: a new chapter against paper waste.





Curious about your impact?

Calculate your Bambook impact here!
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A4 sized Bambook

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A5 sized Bambook

A5 bambooks

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A3 notepad

A3 sized Bambook

10 x
Pick your size, set the number of reuses and discover your impact. In total you have saved:

A4 sheets of paper

A4's if all Bambookers did the same


Liters of water

That equals the water us for showers


Gram Co2

That is km with a car

Here's how Bambook makes an impact.

We care for what we love and make choices that fit that. Find out more about our people, planet and products!

Bambook founders

This is how our dream started

the unpolluted sky is the limit.

We are Brent, Marco, Richard & Ward: founders of Bambook! When during a brainstorm one paper wad after another was thrown in the bin, we thought: surely this can be done in another way?

And it could! This resulted in the launch of Bambook in 2014. We got excited by the idea of how much paper we would save if everyone wrote erasable! It would make a huge impact.

For us... this is just the beginning.

Our ultimate goal is to offer a climate positive alternative for all paper writing products, so that millions of people worldwide can continue to write, but without burdening the planet further.

But enough about us.

We are not the most important thing in this story.... You are! Only together can we make our sustainable alternative the new norm. Sign up for our mailing and join the write with hundreds of other Bambookers! What we achieve together is unerasable.

Big change, starts small

Taking better care of ourselves and our planet goes step by step. "Big change, starts small!" is what we adhere to.

Erasable writing is one of those small steps. It starts on your desk.

We dream that by 2030, 6 million people worldwide will write erasable with Bambook, to have saved 70 million sheets of paper. We want to make an impact to wherever we can, so we've joined a reforestation project. Here we have already planted more than 1 million trees with all Bambookers.

Bambook movement
"We are dreaming of a world without waste, so ecosystems and the climate can recover"

We make impact

through reuse

Bambook is for people who want to live sustainably but have lost sight. It's time to turn the page! Or even better: erase it and reuse it.

Let's be honest right away: the paper waste issue has not been solved with Bambook. Sadly. We are not the saviour, but we are an answer to the question, "what can we do ourselves?" After all, shouting that something should be done differently is much easier than doing it differently ourselves.

Well: with Bambook it is just as easy to do things differently yourself. Whether Bambook is your first sustainable step or already your thirty-fourth: it doesn't matter - the impact you make is all there.

We stand for reusability and hope that this mindset inspires you and your family, friends and colleagues.





Sustainable living: what can we do ourselves?


Start small! Which starts with being aware of your lifestyle.

Nowadays, we are lucky to have a lot of research, knowledge and resources to develop reusable alternatives for many everyday products we use. And if we can choose a reusable alternative, why wouldn't we?

With Bambook, we make your sustainable quest a little easier. You no longer have to choose between sustainability and convenience. You keep writing as you are used to while doing the right thing for the planet. Switch from single use to reusable and start writing in the new era. The write side of history!


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