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Bambook workshop

How is Your Bambook Made?

Welcome to the Bambook workshop.

Welcome to the Bambook workshop. Meet our heroes! This is where your Bambook is crafted and packed with much love and attention. Your orders are made by people often distanced from the labor market.

Team Bambook

Sustainable Writing -

What Does That Mean?

In the category of unclear terms: Sustainable Writing. It’s often a vague term, but what exactly does Bambook mean by it? It’s time to explain.

Let’s be honest: The paper-waste situation cannot be resolved by Bambook. Unfortunately. We are not the saviors, but we can answer the question to the question: “What can we do as individuals?” After all, saying that things should be done differently is easier than actually doing something ourselves.

So, in 2014 the idea of an erasable notebook came to life: Endlessly reusable. You can call this sustainable since you’re limiting single-use paper - and in turn - saving trees and reducing pollution.

Team Bambook

But, sustainability can also be implemented

in the production process.

Therefore, we’re constantly improving our production process. We’re still looking at ways to make our choices more sustainable. 


And yes, as founders, we’ve come across a few green dilemmas. Sustainability, quality control, cost … there are many factors to consider. As expected, there are a few trade-offs. We opt for materials that last as long as possible (since that’s more sustainable), or products made in the most eco-friendly way. So the choice is often - which investment do we make first? Which do we consider the most important? 

That makes it rather tricky then to find the green ‘truth’. We always strive to make the most informed choice with the available information. 

Our Definition of Sustainable Writing

This is what sustainable writing means to us: A way of writing with minimal environmental impact compared to the traditional way of writing.

In the past few years, we’ve succeeded at just that. But we continue to write on! We’re on our way to becoming 100% climate-neutral in our production. It’s not perfect, but we’re taking it one step at a time. On then we’ll have come full circle.

Duurzaamheidsmeter Bambook

How Sustainable is Bambook?

How Sustainable is Bambook? Independent research firm Blue Engineering investigated in an LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) that the production of a Bambook is slightly higher (10%) than the production of a traditional paper notebook when it comes to CO2 emissions (2020).

Huh, nothing sustainable about it then?

Sure it is! The difference is that you have to dispose of a traditional notebook when it’s full (or just keep it.) A Bambook, on the other hand, can be wiped clean and reused again.

Are you curious about more detailed information regarding our production chain? We are happy to share it with you - feel free to send an email to [email protected]!

How sustainable is using Bambook?

Your positive impact with Bambook truly starts when you use it.

In 2022, we conducted a user study, asking how Bambookers use their Bambook. What were the results?

  • 82% of our Bambookers use their Bambooks daily. Our studies show that, if you clean your Bambook once a week, you save 5200 liters of water (which is equivalent to about 95 showers) and CO2 emissions equal to 38km of driving every year.
  • 86% of our Bambookers, before having a Bambook, had 2-6 notebooks they used at the same time. 14% of our users had even more than 6 notebooks.

The moment you reuse your Bambook, you’re making a positive impact. You prevent the production of even more paper paper and a recycling process. The production of paper and even the recycling of it uses tremendous amounts of water, energy, and chemicals.

"Your positive impact with Bambook truly starts when you use it.”
Bambook certificeringen

Our certifications:

a crowning achievement of the sustainable journey.

When producing a Bambook, we are constantly conscious of our decisions. That’s why we think it’s important that you know what sustainability means to us!

Meanwhile, we’ve collected quite a few certifications at Bambook. It was never intentional, but a great way to be recognized for our conscious choices in the production process.

Are you curious about more detailed information regarding our production chain? We are happy to share it with you - feel free to send an email to [email protected]!

These are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

that you contribute to with your Bambook

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or Sustainable Development Goals, consist of 17 goals to make our planet a better place by 2030. They are part of the 2030 Agenda, created by the United Nations in 2015.


  • SDG 8 | Fair Work & Economic Growth

We like to contribute our (gold) bit to that! With our reforestation project in collaboration with Eden Projects, we are creating jobs in Madagascar. The local community there plants and maintains the trees, giving them the financial means to support their families and community. Win-win!


  • SDG 10 | Reducing inequality

We also want to make an impact on Bambook's organizational culture.

For Bambook that means an inclusive labor market. Bambooks are handmade by people with a distance from the labor market. With your purchase, you support them to get the most out of their abilities. Here they discover their talents in a positive environment. We are super proud of that! For example, take a look at how Patrick and Chefro experience it.


  • SDG 12 | Responsible consumption and production

This is the goal from which Bambook was born! The idea that single-use products are thrown away after one use out of sheer convenience does not fit with responsible consumption. We want to make reuse the new norm with our erasable writing alternative, saving a lot of resources. 


  • SDG 13 | Climate Action 

With our reusable product, we actively fight against the waste of raw materials. When you wipe your Bambook once a week, you save 5200 liters of water (that's about 95 showers) and CO2 emissions equal to 38 kilometers of cars. 82% of Bambookers say they use their Bambook daily. Want to know your impact? Calculate it here.


  • SDG 15 | Life on land

And that's where our reforestation project in Madagascar comes in again! Did you know that 80% of biodiversity is in the forests? By restoring these forests, we contribute to a nice home for animals like ring-tailed lemurs, geckos, and the Malagasy Giraffe beetle.

SDG Bambook

Here's how Bambook makes an impact.

We care for what we love and make choices that fit that. Find out more about our people, planet and products!

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