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Habit tracker

Posted in Productivity

How the habit tracker

helps you develop new habits!

A habit tracker is a list where you keep track of whether you have done something in a day, such as making your bed or drinking enough water. It has been shown that the habit tracker ensures that you work more productively and we are a fan of that at Bambook! That is why we have listed for you what the habit tracker is, how you use the habit tracker and how you can work even more productively. Good luck!

What is a habit tracker?

A habit tracker is a list where you keep track of which habits you have and which you also perform. A habit tracker is especially useful if you want to teach yourself new habits or if you want to become aware of certain habits. A habit tracker gives you insight into your habits and can motivate you to learn something.

By changing habits, you make your life a lot more productive and efficient. There are probably things that you have been doing the same for a whole life, but sometimes it can be good to step out of your comfort zone. In this way you are triggered to think creatively again and do things differently. This generates self-confidence and gives you an energy boost so that you can take it again. Building a new habit can take up to 3 months before you start doing it on autopilot. So don't be too hard on yourself if it doesn't work out yet, but don't give up either.

If you want to teach yourself new daily or weekly habits, don't pick too many. You immediately set the bar very high and the chance is smaller that you keep working on it. So start with a maximum of 5 new tasks on your habit tracker.

Did you know that in the Bambook Do book you will find a habit tracker! You can easily track, tick and erase your habits. Order it here!

habit tracker

How does a habit tracker work?

Whether you want to start a new morning routine, work structurally with your to-do list or drink more water in a day. We often start enthusiastically, but stumble at the first major setback. And once you stop, it's hard to pick yourself up and start over. The principle of the habit tracker is very simple. You write down which new habit you are going to start and keep track of whether you have succeeded every day of the week. By consciously reflecting on your new habit every day, you stay focused on this and there is a good chance that you will succeed.

Choose a regular time to update your tracker, every morning or every evening, and see how it goes. Can you keep up the new habit? And if not, why is this and what are you going to do differently? Remember: it's not about doing everything perfectly the first time. It's about trying to build in that routine and keep reflecting and learning from your results. The habit tracker is a perfect tool to use for this. You have a clear insight into your results and you can continue to adjust yourself. And motivate of course, because if you see that things are going well, that is certainly a moment to celebrate your success!

What things do you put on your habit tracker?

You can really put anything on your habit tracker. But to give you an idea, we have made a list with examples below:

  • 8 hours of sleep
  • Run
  • Sports
  • Breathing exercise
  • Read book
  • Drink 1.5 liters of water
  • Meditate
  • Walking / Detour
  • Up to 2 hours in total on my phone

But you can also focus it on your work. For example, by keeping track of whether you have set your goals every morning. Whether you've been busy with networking or sales every day. Whether you've taken your breaks.

And do you want to have an even greater chance of success? Then share your new habits with others. Your partner, colleagues, friends or family. By sharing this you are often just a little more driven to achieve results. And they can regularly check how you are doing. Motivate you if necessary.

What does the habit tracker look like?

On Pinterest you will find endless cool designs for a habit tracker that you can copy in your bullet journal. At Bambook you can order a notebook with special bullet journal pages so that you do not waste paper and can easily erase it. This is ideal if you are getting started with such a design that may not look the way you want the first time. We have different colored markers so you can easily distinguish between your goals or pimp your pages.

Don't feel like making your own habit tracker? In the Do-Book we have a special page with the habit tracker.

bambook habit tracker

Where can you buy a Bambook?

You can buy a Bambook notebook in various shops and points of sale in the Netherlands and Belgium. Check here  the list of shops where you can buy a Bambook erasable notebook. You can buy a Bambook notebook from €15.99 including pen & pen loop. You can also order it online, check it here

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