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Writing with left in Bambook erasable notebook
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Bambook erasable notebook: left-handed proof?

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I am left-handed

Is an erasable notebook also suited for me?

Taking notes and erasing them when you're done. “Sounds like the most practical idea ever, but does it work for me as a left-handed person?” We get this question regularly and we can definitely see why. Nothing is more annoying than your hands covered in blobs of ink.. The short answer is: yes! Bambook is also suitable for lefties. Do you want to know how and why? Be sure to continue reading.

Won’t I accidentally wipe away the text?

Erasable Bambook notebooks do not have traditional paper pages, but lacquered ones that make them look and function like a whiteboard. With the special Bambook marker you can write down all your notes and easily erase them again. An additional advantage: with the Bambook pen you glide over the page and the ink flows easily. This way you don't have to exert extra pressure as a left-handed person, which is often the case with a regular ballpoint pen. Being a leftie, you naturally slide your hand over your written text. “Does this mean I am at risk of accidentally erasing parts of the text?”, is one of the most frequently asked questions. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about that! The ink dries within a matter of seconds and once the ink has completely dried (within 8-10 seconds), you can run your hand over it without smudging.

Sweaty palms?

If you have sweaty palms, it can be a bit more tricky. The ink is water-soluble and therefore reacts to the moistures on your hand. You can prevent this by holding your pen slightly differently and tilting the notebook ever so slightly. Do you hold your pen close to the tip? Then you are more likely to touch the ink when writing and accidentally smear it. Tip: grab the pen higher up!

Lefthanded notebooks

Which type of reusable notebook

is best suited for left-handed people?

In principle, all formats of erasable notebooks are also suitable for when you are left-handed. In deciding which type of most suitable for you, it can help to think about what you are going to use your Bambook for.

Quick notes or intensive writing?

Did you know that Brent, one of the founders of Bambook, is also left-handed? “I mainly use my Bambook notebook for making quick notes during conversations (over the phone) or to-do lists. As a result of this, I never really experience any issues ” With more intensive writing work, such as journalling or creating summaries, the chances of accidentally smudging parts of the text are higher due to the speed at which you are writing. Chances are that the ink hasn’t completely dried yet. It may take some getting used to, but try writing a little slower. This also allows you to dwell longer on the information and process it better. You have more time to filter which information is really important. Win win!

Does the spiral binding get in the way?

With the A3 and A4 Notepad, the ring binder is situated at the top of the notebook, which makes writing even easier when you are writing with your left hand. The wire doesn't get in the way and you don't have a second page to rest your arm on. You can also write upside down in a regular notebook so the spiral binding ends up being on your right hand side. (see photo).

Spiral binding on the right hand side

Being left-handed and erasable writing:

How user-friendly is it?

We'll let you be the judge of that! We have collected the experiences of a number of left-handed Bambook users for you:


“Since I only use it to put down quick notes and scribbles, I don’t experience any issues staining the page or anything. The ink of the marker also dries quickly (5 seconds), so no problems there.”
- Beauty by Babs

“Writes well, works great! The ink from the pen also dries so quickly that as a left-hander I don't get ink on my hand.”
- Nicky

"Finally! I am left-handed and with this beautiful notepad the spiral finally doesn’t get in the way of things! I’m very happy with it!"
- Harriet

Monica uses her Bambook for over 4 years

As a leftie she was sceptical at first..

What if it doesn't work for me as a left-handed person?

At Bambook we have a cooling-off period of 30 days. If you do not like it or if you have changed your mind, you can return your order free of charge. We prefer to avoid this because of the extra transport and associated emissions that are involved in sending a product back and forth. You can of course also choose to gift the notebook to someone else! There is bound to be a friend, colleague, brother or sister who would be very happy to receive it as a gift. Read more about our return policy.

Tips for writing with your left hand

It may take some getting used to, but an erasable notebook is certainly also suitable for when you're left-handed! We have listed a few more tips for you so that you can also use your new Bambook without any issues whatsoever:

  • Opt for a notebook with a spiral binding at the top. That way, nothing gets in the way while writing.
  • Slow down! Adjust your writing pace and take short writing breaks in between so that the ink has enough time to dry.
  • OR mainly use your erasable notebook for quick notes or lists. Leave the essays for when you are behind your computer.
  • Rotate your booklet a quarter turn to the left so that your hand stays above the written text.
  • Hold the pen higher up so that your finger is not getting in the way.



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