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The 1-3-5 method

Posted in Productivity

The 1-3-5 method

For a productive to do list

Have you ever heard of the 1-3-5 method? At Bambook we are fans!

During your working day, your to-do list grows by the hour. It seems like you end the day with more new to-dos than you've crossed off. Recognizable? The 1-3-5 method will help you further!


The 1-3-5 method is a way to frame your tasks and check off your to do list completely. It's tempting to fill your day with ad-hoc jobs that constantly present themselves, but it's not productive.

That's why with the 1-3-5 method you make a list at the beginning of your day. This list contains 9 tasks that you want to complete. Pinning this at the start of the day prevents your priorities from shifting during the day.

How does it work?

The 1-3-5 method works like this: at the beginning of your day you write down nine tasks you want to do that day. One big job (size 2-3 hours), three medium jobs (size half an hour to an hour) and five small jobs (size 10 to 15 minutes). This is what you need to finish at the end of the day. We take you in 4 steps to a compact todolist that you can completely check off today!

Step 1

Write down all the tasks that are on your to-do list for this day.

Step 2

Label your tasks by urgency. For example, use the Eisenhower matrix for this and think about which urgent tasks you can outsource.


Step 3

Label your tasks by how much time they take. Grab three colors.

  • Red = a big job (2-3 hours).
  • Green = a medium-sized task (half an hour to an hour)
  • Blue = a small task (10 to 15 minutes)
Step 4

Choose one large task (red), two medium tasks (green) and five small tasks that you will do today (blue).

A structured list is what remains. Double success guaranteed: your to-do list remains compact and you remain motivated! Check check, so you can end the day with a satisfied feeling. Good luck!

 Do you have a tip for efficient working? Let us know, we're curious!

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