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Bambook founders at the start of the company. Winning a their first and selling Bambooks at their university

Where our story begins

The origin of Bambook

In 2014, Bambook started out as a student company by four ambitious students Brent, Marco, Richard and Ward. When yet another brainstorming session ended up in the paper bin, they thought to themselves: “what if we could reuse these pieces of paper straight away?” This idea took the form of a notebook with whiteboard pages that can be easily erased. Over the years, Bambook has evolved into one of the larger suppliers of sustainable office supplies.

Ultimately, our goal is to offer a climate positive alternative to all paper stationery. Allowing millions of people worldwide to write without it taking a further toll on our planet.

But enough about us. We are not the most important in this story. That's you! Because a solution that isn't being used is not a solution. Together we can make the sustainable option the new standard. 

A brand new chapter against paper waste: the write side of history!

Back in the days

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The Bambook mission

Why we do what we do
Bambook reusable notebook
From Single-use to Reusable

Reusable is quickly becoming the new norm

Bend the norm! Together we can switch from single-use paper to reusable notebooks. It’s endlessly reusable! We ensure that you don’t have to choose between comfort and sustainability. You can have both. With our diverse collection of notebooks, we always have a notebook that best suits you. Better for you. Better for the planet.

Planet paper waste
Saving Resources

Saving Paper

The majority of single-use paper ends up in the bin. And surely that could be done better since we’re extracting more from the planet than truly necessary. By reusing your notebook, you’re not only saving water but avoiding carbon emissions and chemicals leached throughout the production and even recycling of paper. Do you know what you’ll personally be saving by switching to a Bambook? Check your impact here.

Everything in One Place

Focus: Work Smarter, Not Harder

A new, smarter workflow is something we’re keen on! Simply write, scan with the App and easily erase and repeat. All your notes, sketches and to-do lists in one place. No more messy scribbles, crumbled papers or stacks of notebooks. You’ll always have an overview of everything. It’s smarter writing toward a better planet!

Bambook workshop
Together We’re Building a Better Future

An Inclusive Workforce

Bambook is handmade in our inclusive workshop. This is where your Bambook is made and packed with much love and attention to detail. Your order is put together by people who often have difficulty entering the workforce - but they always have a place in our workshop. They also contribute to Bambook's green mission to make erasable writing the norm!

planting trees
Greener, Greener, Greenest!

Planting Trees for Reforestation

For every Bambook we sell, we plant 1 tree through our reforestation projects. More than 90% of Madagascar’s natural forests have been destroyed, so we’re helping the area with reforestation. We want to restore the essential ecosystem and help it flourish.  We’re all about using our resources to make the planet slightly greener.

Meet the team

The Bambook Experts

Using our talents to make the world a little greener again.

That's what we're going for.
Always fun
Team Bambook
Team Bambook
Team Bambook
Team Bambook
Team Bambook
Team Bambook
Bambook team
Team Bambook
Team Bambook
"At Bambook, our diverse and close-knit culture prioritises synergy, strong work ethic and a celebration of collective success."
Patricia Marketeer at Bambook

Here's how Bambook makes an impact.

We care for what we love and make choices that fit that. Find out more about our people, products and planet!

Jobs at Bambook

Bambook sheltered workshop

The real heroes

Meet the Bambookers at our sheltered workshop

Your Bambook is in very capable hands with this team of dedicated Bambookers. They are the ones putting together the pages you selected, spiraling them together and packing your package by hand before your Bambook arrives at your doorstep. We feel grateful that the workshop is close to our office so we get to visit regularly and see all the love and care that they put in their work.

We are proud to have them be part of the ever-growing Bambook team!

Social enterprise logo

Did you think you knew everything now ? Well, we're making even MORE impact!

In fact, Bambook is a member of Social Enterprise Netherlands. According to the European Commission, a 'social enterprise' has a main aim to have a social impact, rather than maximize profit for owners. We cannot emphasize this often enough.

Impact on our planet and impact on our people. We also want to make an impact on Bambook's organizational culture.

For Bambook, this means an inclusive labor market. This is how we jointly contribute to the development of people distanced from the labour market. Will you join us?

Big change starts small

Big change,

starts small

Taking better care of ourselves and our planet goes step by step. "Big change, starts small!" is what we adhere to.

Erasable writing is one of those small steps. It starts on your desk.

We dream that by 2030, 6 million people worldwide will write erasable with Bambook, to have saved 70 million sheets of paper. We want to make an impact to wherever we can, so we've joined a reforestation project. Here we have already planted more than 1 million trees with all Bambookers.



trees planted so far

We made it!

One-and-a-half million milestone reached
Bambook planting site

For each Bambook sold, we plant a tree in Madagascar in collaboration with Eden Projects. Over the years more than 90% of the forests and rainforests have been cut down and this poses a direct threat to the overall biodiversity. With our reforestation project, we contribute to the restoration of Madagascar’s ecosystem and create employment opportunities for the local communities.

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