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Where our story begins

The origin of Bambook

In 2014, Bambook started out as a student company by four ambitious students Brent, Marco, Richard and Ward. When yet another brainstorming session ended up in the paper bin, they thought to themselves: “what if we could reuse these pieces of paper straight away?” This idea took the form of a notebook with whiteboard pages that can be easily erased. Over the years, Bambook has evolved into one of the larger suppliers of sustainable office supplies.

Ultimately, our goal is to offer a climate positive alternative to all paper stationery. Allowing millions of people worldwide to write without it taking a further toll on our planet.

But enough about us. We are not the most important in this story. That's you! Because a solution that isn't being used is not a solution. Together we can make the sustainable option the new standard. 

The Bambook mission

Why we do what we do
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No more needless waste

Smarter writing to a better planet

We believe it’s time to turn the page. Or better yet: erase it and use it over and over again! We want to provide people and companies with the tools to make sustainable choices for our planet. We understand that you are looking for the right balance between what’s best for you and what’s best for the planet. With Bambook you can have the best of both worlds and continue to write as you are used to while doing the right thing for the environment. That's a win-win situation in our (Bam)books!

Woman planting trees in Madagascar
1 product = 1 tree

Deforestation is a thing and we need to take action

Despite digitalization, writing is and will continue to be an integral part of our daily lives. By writing down your thoughts, you get a better hold on them. However, we’ve lost a hold on our paper use. Deforestation, the draining of our natural resources and the power consumption of the paper recycling process has taken its toll. We aim to change that! For every Bambook product you buy, we plant a tree at the Bambook planting site in Madagascar.

Woman at work in Bambooks Sheltered Workshop
Craftmanship by hand

Power to the people!

We are very proud of the fact that our products are assembled by hand at our sheltered workshop in Ede, The Netherlands. Your Bambook is put together with love and care by people who are disadvantaged from entering the labour market. By purchasing Bambook products, you create employment opportunities for even more people!

Fietskoeriers cyclist delivering Bambooks packages
Sustainable shipping and packaging

Make an impact wherever possible

For Dutch orders we work together with Fietskoeriers who deliver Bambook packages by bike whenever possible. This way we can ship sustainably and reduce CO2 emissions. Additionally, we use packaging that is specific to the size and type of each product. This means fewer shipments are necessary, reducing our carbon footprint. This also means that little to no stuffing is needed to protect the products making sure it arrives in perfect condition at your doorstep.



trees planted so far

We made it!

One million tree milestone reached
Bambook planting site

For each product sold, we plant a tree in Madagascar in collaboration with Eden Projects. Over the years more than 90% of the forests and rainforests have been cut down and this poses a direct threat to the overall biodiversity. With our reforestation project, we contribute to the restoration of Madagascar’s ecosystem and create employment opportunities for the local communities.

Meet the team

The Bambook Experts
Bambook sheltered workshop

The real heroes

Meet the Bambookers at our sheltered workshop

Your Bambook is in very capable hands with this team of dedicated Bambookers. They are the ones putting together the pages you selected, spiraling them together and packing your package by hand before your Bambook arrives at your doorstep. We feel grateful that the workshop is close to our office so we get to visit regularly and see all the love and care that they put in their work.

We are proud to have them be part of the ever-growing Bambook team!

Bambook social enterprise

Impact first

Social enterprise

Bambook is a Social Enterprise. This means we feel the responsibility as a company to take care of our people and our planet. A Social Enterprise is a company whose main objective is to have a social and environmental impact first, rather than to solely make a profit.

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