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Animal Habitat Madagascar

Reforesting Madagascar

to restore & expand vital animal habitat

Madagascar houses over 200.000 unique species of plants and animals. Deforestation has long been an issue for Madagascar. More than 90% of Madagascar’s original forests have been destroyed, displacing entire animal species and taking away the community’s ability to live off the land. It is one of the world’s top biodiversity conservation priorities because of its high concentration of species and excessive habitat loss. Together with Eden Projects we plant trees to restore and expand vital animal habitat.

Bambook planting site

Bambook Planting Site

This is where your tree is planted

The Bambook planting site is situated in the North Western part of Madagascar, within Madagascar’s dry deciduous zone. The dry deciduous zone on Madagascar are some of the world’s richest and most distinctive tropical dry forests. However, these forest are in critical condition because a large portion has been cleared, threathening local plant and animal species. 

Tree species planted

at the Bambook planting site
  • Better known as baobabs


  • Yep the tree that produces jackfruit

    Jack trees

  • Lebeck tree

    Albizia lebbeck

  • Spurge family


Baobabs Madagascar
Better known as baobabs


Jack fruit tree
Yep the tree that produces jackfruit

Jack trees

Lebeck tree
Lebeck tree

Albizia lebbeck

Spurge family


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Meet the team

Madagascar planting team
Planting at Madagascar
Planting team
Planting lady


Through this reforestation project we create employment opportunities, steady income and we’re allowing the local community’s involvement in the reforestation of their community land.
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