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The real impact of your Christmas Gift in 2023

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Christmas Gifts and The Environmental Impact

Every year, as Christmas approaches, we are overwhelmed by the spirit of giving, celebrating, and feasting. It's a time when we exchange gifts, decorate our homes, and come together with loved ones. But as we revel in the festive joy, it's important to consider the environmental consequences of our celebrations. In this blog post, we shed light on the real impact of Christmas on the environment and explore how our overconsumption during this season affects the planet.

Unwrapping the Environmental Reality

The enchanting Christmas festivities often lead to a spike in consumption. Of course, it feels only natural, since we want to gift our loved ones and prepare large, festive meals. It's a season of abundance after all. But this abundance has a price, and it's our environment that pays for it. According to a recent study, the festive season generates a huge amount of waste. In the United Kingdom alone, 230,000 tonnes of food is wasted after Christmas, while 365,300 kilometers of wrapping paper is thrown away.

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The Gift of Excess 

Christmas Gifts are at the heart of the festive season, and while the sentiment is heartwarming, the environmental consequences are concerning. As we rush to find the perfect gifts, mass production destroys our planet. The manufacturing of toys, electronics, and other popular Christmas presents often involves significant resource usage, carbon emission release, and eventually, landfill problems.

The Christmas Tree Situation 

One of the most iconic symbols of Christmas is the Christmas tree. However, there's a significant ecological concern surrounding the use of real and even artificial trees. Every year, millions of Christmas trees are cut down for this purpose, which is something we always want to avoid. On the other hand, plastic Christmas trees contribute to huge amounts of plastic and microplastic waste. There has to be a better alternative, right? 

If you’d like to read more about Real vs. Fake trees, check out this blog.

Making a Difference

Understanding the environmental consequences of the festive season is the first step towards positive change. You can take action to reduce your environmental impact during the holiday season. By adopting practices such as mindful gifting, supporting eco-friendly products, reducing waste, opting for alternative trees, and opting for better Christmas gifts, we can make this a season of joy not only for ourselves but for the planet.


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