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Green Friday at Bambook
Burning world

What is the Impact of Black Friday?

And why we're not participating
Black Friday is the day when marketers drive us crazy, trying to entice us with deals and discounts. 

Consequence? Overconsumption. Problem? Yes! Redundant? YES!

  • Because 80% of the products purchased on Black Friday ultimately end up in the trash.
  • All parcels delivered to your home on Black Friday emit 429,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases (in Britain alone). That's 435 return flights from London to New York.

In short, a black day for the climate. This can (and must) be done differently!

Time to turn the page: How about less

If you as a consumer only pay the discounted price, then something or someone else pays the real price.

Consider, for example, the working conditions that the maker has had or the environmental impact it leaves behind.

Curious about your impact?

Calculate your Bambook impact here!
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A5 sized Bambook

A5 bambooks

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Pick your size, set the number of reuses and discover your impact. In total you have saved:

A4 sheets of paper

A4's if all Bambookers did the same


Liters of water

That equals the water us for showers


Gram Co2

That is km with a car


About Bambook

At Bambook we believe that every step counts toward a greener world. We want to make reusable the norm and that is how we came up with the concept of an erasable notebook.

This will make not only you happy, but also the planet! We are putting an end to heaps of paper waste, deforestation and waste of raw materials.

But Bambook is not the most important thing in this story... You are! It's only possible to make sustainable writing alternatives the new norm if we work together. Our dream? By 2030, more than 6 million Bambookers will write with our stationery worldwide. This will save us at least 70 million sheets of paper! 

What we achieve together is enduring. 

With Bambook you don't have to choose between sustainability and convenience. You continue to write as you normally would and do the right thing for the planet. Switch from single-use to reusable and contribute to the new era. Let's rewrite the future!

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