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Kickstart 2024

Let’s kickstart a transformative

journey this year

Let’s kickstart a transformative journey this year – the one you've always envisioned but somehow, life's demands kept pushing it aside.

You know that feeling, that nagging sense of unfulfilled dreams and resolutions that never hold out. Don't let this year be another echo of the past. This is your moment, your opportunity to break free from the patterns of yesteryears.

Let's make this year the extraordinary chapter you've been yearning for.

lifestyle planner

Lifestyle Planner

Stick to your goals

Are you tired of losing sight of your goals and resolutions because of a lack of clear direction and evaluation? It's time to revolutionize your approach with the Bambook Lifestyle Planner! Say goodbye to aimless wandering and hello to a meticulously crafted tool that empowers you to conduct detailed quarterly, monthly, and weekly planning. Backed by insights from past successes, motivations, and lessons, this planner ensures you stay on track. With features like habit tracking, daily routine optimization, and personalized templates for meals, workouts, and schedules, the Lifestyle Planner is your foolproof companion on the journey to turning dreams into reality!

erasable calendar

Bambook Calendar

Maximize Your Efficiency

Get your very own Bambook Calendar - where minimalism meets maximum efficiency!

Say goodbye to chaotic scratched-out appointments with this sleek, flexible calendar.
Plan your days and tackle weekly to-do lists with ease. Enjoy 52 weeks of efficient planning, and that's not all – each calendar comes with a free marker and bookmark. Plus, it's fully erasable and reusable, ensuring you stay organized year after year. And here's the bonus: for every calendar purchased, we plant a tree.

Get ready to plan, erase, and make a positive impact with the Bambook Erasable Calendar!

Bambook Do-Book erasable notebook

Bambook Do-Book

Enhance Productivity

Are you looking for effortless productivity? The Bambook Do-book has you covered!

Dive into efficient planning with erasable monthly and weekly layouts, week focus, and to-do lists spread across 40 pages.

Enjoy the convenience of a reusable whiteboard notebook, making adjustments and revisions a breeze. No more scattered notes - just an organized, efficient work routine with the Bambook Do-Book. 


Bambook deskbook

Bambook Deskbook

The Bambook Deskbook is the ideal erasable companion for a more productive workspace. Tailored for both home and office use, this unique notebook fits seamlessly with your keyboard, making it the perfect sidekick for work or study.

With ample writing space, it effortlessly helps you keep track of quick notes, ad hoc tasks, and reminders. Choose between blank, dotted, or grid page printing to customize your Deskbook to match your working style. Designed for efficiency, it comes with 2 dedicated pages for your to-do list. Elevate your desk experience with the Bambook Deskbook – your tool for maintaining clarity and organization throughout your workday. 

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