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Upgrade Your Routines: 8 Goals You Should Have (or Quit)

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Upgrade Your Routines:

8 Goals You Should Have (or Quit)

Hey, how satisfied are you really with your current situation? Imagine yourself exactly where you wish to be. One small habit today can take you one step closer to reaching that goal. Changes don’t have to be “big business.” It’s all about taking small, incremental steps forward.

This year, we asked our Bambook fans: What habits would you like to start or stop? With that, we’ve created a list - so here is some inspiration to kickstart your planning!

New years resolutions

Your Goalsetting

Taking on the Lifestyle Planner Together

1.  Choose Yourself and Prioritize “me-time”

"It’s so handy to have a planner where I’m able to both track my activities and do it without creating paper waste. With this planner, I’d like to start my own business where I make others more aware of self-care practices."

"The habit I’d like to stop most is putting other’s needs too high above my own. As well as changing my schedule to my own disadvantage. As a result, I’ll be able to put myself first and look after my own needs. This lifestyle planner would be a really helpful tool." 

"I’d really like to stop making promises in the moment when I feel like it, and really reflect on whether it’s something I’d really want. "

"One of the new habits I’d like to build is slowing things down, and not trying to take on too many things at once." 

"I’d really like to stop being unsure of myself and doubting my capabilities. This would mean starting with more structure in my private life. At work, I have everything under control, but that’s not the case at home. I’d like to start exercising again, make great meals, bake and find more time for myself."

"I’d really like to prioritize more me time, since I’m currently working on my own career, well doing admin work for my husband’s company, as well as juggling family life and 5 grandkids." 

2. A New Sport Routine

"I’d like to start allowing for more flexibility in my free time. Despite the cold days and breezy air, I’d like to enjoy the outside more." 

"Soon I’m going to be working out again, and that can be tracked so well in this planner. I have to keep track of everything on a weekly basis to achieve optimal health.
Furthermore, I can use this well to plan and structure my upcoming household renovations." 

Lifestyle Planner system

Goals for Self-Development

discover the system of the Lifestyle Planner

This is how it works

  • Formulate goals
  • Track how it’s going daily
  • Reflect weekly
  • Plan ahead
  • From larger goals to smaller milestones

Unlock your dream life with our Lifestyle Planner. You’ve got this! 

3. More Time with Family

"I’d like to begin each evening with tidying up so that I have time over the weekend for myself and my family. I’m convinced that in this time you’ll be able to do enough to free up your time over the weekend."

"I’d really like to quit my phone addiction! I’d like to be on my phone less and spend more quality time with my 2 sons. And while I’m busy spending time with them, I’d like to physically move more too. If I can keep track of this well in a beautiful lifestyle planner, I’m sure it will go well!"

4. Never too Old for New Dreams

"The daily routine planner is so appealing! At the moment, I keep track of my daily, weekly and monthly routines on a board with clips. This is quite tedious. I think I’d get a better insight into my progress in all areas like health, water intake, diet, my project progress and reading list. I love to read with my son and I’m busy learning Greek (since my aging mind needs to stay active and I’d love to order my own meals in Greek.)"

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5. Personal Development

"I’d really like to use the lifestyle planner since I’m starting with a coaching route and with it comes tremendous brain work and requires a lot of notetaking.
This Lifestyle Planner would therefore be ideal."

"I stopped smoking years ago, and couldn’t be happier about it. But now I’d like to stop worrying about what others think of me or my ideas. I’m going to go right ahead and do what I want without wondering what others will think of it." 

Habit trackers

Goals for Self-Development in 2024

Cliche, but true: You’re never too old to learn. Personal development is a hot topic - which isn’t strange considering how many tasks demand our attention. It brings us back to the question of who we are and where we want to be going. Focus and goal-setting are your two heroes.

Habit Tracker

One of the best tools to develop good habits, is to use a habit tracker. You can find this in our erasable Lifestyle Planner. Go ahead and fill in your habits that you’d like to track.  

6. Everything in Once Place

"The main place I’d like to make a change, is the planning between my home and work. Mainly, I’d like to allow for less structured time periods, to make room for things like working out or going for a walk. Ideally, eating better would also be planned, since I’ currently use menu cards, but during the week, it get’s lost. This planner will be the ideal solution planning in a sustainable way, especially for lists, tasks and important matters."

"I’d like to stop planning in my calendar, telephone and in my agenda. I’d prefer to have it all in one place for the ideal overview."

7. A Fresh Start: From Surviving to Thriving

"As a widow, I’d like to rise above my circumstances. It is time to move on from surviving, to thriving again. I’d like to begin writing again, but then, in my Bambook of course."

Good and bad habits

Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking old patterns or habits aren’t easy. Spoiler alert! That’s why it’s so important to have a clear view of your motivations and your ‘why’. To make this more clear for yourself, a vision board is one of the most useful tools. 

Building Good Habits

It’s simply a matter of discipline. That’s not necessarily what you feel like doing in the moment - but rather - it’s about keeping the bigger picture in mind. Don’t reward yourself for reaching the goal at the end. Rather, celebrate smaller success throughout. Each milestone is worth celebrating!

8. Conscious Living: Becoming a Positive Light

"My most important habit to break is snacking too much. I’d really like to drop a few to feel good about myself again. After that, I’d like to focus on lingering on negative things. We all love to complain, gossip and say no before we’ve even given it some thought. And it is in these moments, that we can be the positive light for others. That’s my second priority."

lifestyle planner guide

The Complete Guide to Using Your Lifestyle Planner

What to expect

Here's what you need to know about our Lifestyle Planner to make your year the best one yet. 
Your Planner includes: 

  • A detailed Life Review template- paving the road to your goal planning
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  • Daily routine templates that will form the building blocks to achieving your goals
  • A powerful habit tracker template and guide
  • Personal templates for planning meals or workouts
  • Quarterly, monthly, and weekly review templates to reflect, plan, and prepare
  • Daily planner templates to help set intentions, tasks, and to-dos


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