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Pepscan researchers
Pepscan researchers

Pepscan x Bambook

The pioneering researchers from Lelystad.
Pepscan looking for something different

25 years of experience

Pepscan supports pharmaceutical & biotech companies and universities in the discovery, development and production of peptides - worldwide. With over 25 years of experience, its main expertise is the development and production of specialist tailor-made peptides for the treatment of cancer.

A unique gift

In addition to a Christmas package, Pepscan wanted to give its employees something unique as a Christmas gift. “Several people had already asked if there was another solution for our paper notebooks.” The decision for reusable notebooks was an easy one! 

Pepscan Bambook notebook

What have we done?

Pepscan decided on an A5 hardcover Bambook notebook. The size is convenient and allows for plenty of writing space. Just what they needed! Our sheltered workshop has laser-engraved the Pepscan logo onto the bamboo cover for a personal touch. 

“Beautiful products, but also compliments to the service. What an enthusiasm for their product!"
Person exploring his new Bambook

A green welcome

to new employees!

Pepscan ordered some extra booklets that they can give to new employees on their first day of work. “And of course also for our customers.”

Quick on their feet

Pepscan thinks Bambook is a great product, but - “Also compliments to the service. What enthusiasm for their product! We had a nice email exchange and received a quick response from Bambook.”

Why did Pepscan decide to work with Bambook?

“Bambook has a luxurious look and the lasering of the logo finishes it off completely”. Being able to personally compose the pages was also an advantage for Pepscan, which means that the booklets can be used for all kinds of purposes. The fact that we plant a tree for every Bambook in Madagascar was an added bonus.
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