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Why Bambook Chooses Green Friday

A Dark Day For the Environment

Black Friday is the day when we storm the shopping centers and webshops in search of the best deals. Simply put, Black Friday encourages overconsumption. However, this has a huge impact on our earth, such as draining of our natural resources, pollution and oceans full of plastic. At Bambook we prefer to give back to the earth. So, sorry to disappoint you if you came here looking to get a good discount, but we’re happy to explain why we consciously choose to not participate in Black Friday.

Green Fri-yay!

Fortunately, there is also an alternative in the form of Green Friday, yay! Instead of ‘shopping til you drop’, we encourage you to shop mindfully and sustainably and to give back to nature by planting as many trees as possible on this day. Let’s be thankful for nature and give back instead. That's why we plant one extra tree for every purchase placed via our webshop on the weekend of November 25th. But we are not the main one in this story, you are!

Join the Green Friday Movement!

Choose Green

and Plant An (Extra) Tree!

On Green Friday we are going to make the world a little bit greener. And you can contribute to that! Curious how?

  • Make conscious decisions: 
    • Ask yourself: ‘Do I really need this?' And, of course, if your washing machine broke last week, we completely understand if you want to replace it with a discount! But the point is that you are not going to buy things, purely for the sake of buying things and because you can get a good deal on it. 
    • Check whether it has been produced in a fair way and sustainably and whether you will use it for a long time.
  • Show that things can be done differently and inspire even more people to go green!
  • Plant trees yourself via
  • Compensate: Use the money you saved with your Black Friday discount to support a good cause or a sustainable initiative.
  • Does the leather jacket no longer suit you and you are looking to buy yourself a new one on Black Friday? In any case, return your reusable items to a local thrift store instead of throwing them out.


Who Pays the Real Price?

Black Friday is all about getting as many products as possible for as little money as possible. All the irresistible deals encourage overconsumption: buying more than you actually need. 

If you as a consumer are only paying the stunt price, then something or someone else is paying the real price for it. For example, think about the working conditions of the maker or the environmental impact it leaves behind.

We are slowly being blinded by facts & figures that show what Black Friday actually costs and who pays the real price for it.

"How cool would it be that in a few years' time it's completely no longer cool if you've scored a deal; but that it's much more about the story behind the product."
Annelotte Vos Content Marketeer Bambook

The Best Deal For Yourself

and For The Environment

Of course we understand it’s nice to pay less. However, this is quite short-sighted. Overconsumption has a big impact in the long run. By making conscious choices on these days when we are overly tempted, we ensure that we do not put extra pressure on nature, but make a positive contribution instead. The best for you and for the planet! That’s also what we strongly believe in at Bambook.

Make an impact.

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