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What is a reusable notebook?

Despite the digital age, notebooks are still our best friend. Writing with pen on paper is simply the best. It gives peace of mind, provides new insights and it also helps if you have to remember things. The only drawback is that the pages become full of notes that we no longer need. After a while the book is full and it disappears in your closet - or bin. Buy a new one anyway... That can be more sustainably and efficiently! Recognisable? Then a reusable notebook is perfect for you.

The concept is very simple: a notebook with the same properties as a whiteboard. You can write and erase endlessly on a whiteboard. But to drag a whiteboard everywhere now is not so handy. That is why Bambook brings both worlds together. A Bambook is an erasable notebook with pages of FSC certified paper. They have been treated with a layer of lacquer, making them completely erasable and non-marking. Just like a whiteboard, but nice and light so you can easily take it with you everywhere.

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