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The portable & rollable whiteboard sheets

Frequently asked questions

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Stick-on questions

How do I best maintain my Bambook Stick-on?

Make sure that the back remains dust-free, then your Stick-on sticks best on smooth surfaces. After use, clean the sheets with a whiteboard cleaning spray or a slightly dampened cloth.

Can I use a regular whiteboard marker in combination with the Bambook Stick-on?

It is possible to use regular whiteboard markers, however we strongly recommend using the special Bambook markers. The ink dries quickly which will prevent you from accidentally wiping away your notes. The ink can be easily removed using a slightly damp cloth.

Does the Stick-on stick on any surface?
You can hang the Stick-on whiteboard sheets against any smooth surface, such as windows and doors, but also the side of a car or a van for example. This way you can brainstorm wherever and whenever you want! The Stick-on does not stick to surfaces with a structure, such as plastered walls.
Which cloud services can I sync the Bambook app with?

The Bambook app can be synchronized with your favorite cloud service: OneDrive & Google Drive. This will give you access to your work wherever you are. Plus, you won’t lose your notes anymore. You can easily connect the folders in the app with the cloud service of your choice.

How quickly does the ink of the marker dry on the page?

Within 8-10 seconds the ink will be fully dry. After the ink has completely dried, it won't smudge as you move your hand over it or when you close the notebook to get back to work.

About the mission

Where will the tree be planted?

The areas where Bambook is planting its trees are in Madagascar. These are areas where mangrove and regular forests have been cut down and destroyed. This results in infertile farmland and entirely wiped out flowering ecosystems.

Would you like to know more? Read more about Eden Projects here.

How many trees will be planted due to my order?

That depends on the order quantity. We plant one tree on Madagascar for every Bambook sold.

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