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7 benefits of the Bambook Pocket Notebook

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The smallest Bambook - the biggest invention

At home, on the go or at the office

Of course you want to work efficiently and sustainably. We totally get that! That's why we designed a pocketsize Bambook especially for all efficient list lovers out there. And the best part: this notebook is never full! Simply because it can be erased and reused. Over and over again.

Discover the 7 unique benefits of our pocketsize before you order it!

1. Small but sweet

As its name suggests, the pocket size fits easily in your pocket! Or.. in the front pocket of your bag, on the corner of the kitchen island, your bedside table, desk, drawer, and so on.

2. Always a pen at hand

When you need one, they suddenly disappear from the face of the earth - or they are suddenly all emptied out. Not with our pocket notebook! The pen loop ensures that your pen is always with your booklet and always at hand. Ready when inspiration strikes! And vice versa. P.S: is your marker close to being empty? Put your marker in our refill station overnight!


3. Ideal for work

The Bambook Pocket fits in the breast or trouser pocket of your work clothes. If you work in the hospitality industry, healthcare or construction, this comes in rather handy. For example, for taking an order or making a quick note. Privacy-sensitive information? You can easily wipe the pages clean.

4. Or at home

Home is where the to-do list never ends. Bambook lends you a hand! Fill your Pocket notebook with all the chores around the house, your shopping list or anything that came to mind while you were taking a shower.


5. Scan and Share

Want to share your ideas, list, or notes? Scan your pocket pages with our free Bambook scanning app and share it via Whatsapp, email or the cloud! in three clicks.

6. Never Full

Yes our pocket notebook gets filled a bit faster than our other Bambook notebooks. However there's no need to panic! With a damp cloth you erase the ink and clear the pages in no time. A clean slate and plenty of writing space at all times!

7. The sustainable gift suggestion of 2022

Practical for yourself, but also for others! This smart gadget can be used on the daily. Who do you give our Bambook to as a gift?

Bambook Pocket Notebook

Always ready when inspiration strikes

Bambook Pocket Notebook
Some of the best ideas come to us when we least expect them so we better be ready at all times! Just quickly flip it over and jot it down.
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