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This year, impress with a personalized Bambook

Sustainable promotional gifts

Give a Christmas gift that makes your relations really happy.
Bambook voor bedrijven

Giving green and inspiring colleagues?

With Bambook you give more than a beautiful and practical gift

Tired of the standard bottle of wine and cheese? Of course it's all with the best intentions, but after the end-of-year madness you don't really know which bottle of wine was gifted by whom. 

Set a good example and do things differently this year. How cool would it be if you could give a promotional gift with impact? Both for the recipient, as well as for the planet. Because for every product sold, we plant 1 tree on Madagascar. This way you actually give 2 gifts in 1.

Show appreciation to your relations and colleagues with an original gift this Christmas or New Year's. With Bambook they will be thinking of you long after the gunpowder fumes and icing sugar clouds have lifted. 

These companies have already surprised their relations with a personalized Bambook:

Bambook x Ministerie
Bambook x KPN
Bambook x Albert Heijn
Bambook x Mattel
Bambook x Heineken

Would you also like to give a real sustainable promotional gift this year?

Start on time!

In general, we deliver personalized Bambooks in 10 working days after order confirmation. But by the end of the year, the whole of the Netherlands wants to put its relations in the spotlight. And often this happens last minute. Because everything is manual work, this sometimes causes logistical problems.

We are extremely flexible, but don't make it too difficult for yourself either. Request your quote on time, so that you can be sure that your Bambooks will arrive on time.

So make sure that you have a carefree end of the year. You probably also have a few things on your mind during this period…

Discover the possibilities together?

We are happy to help you with the perfect sustainable promotional gift.