Erasable whiteboard flip-ever used in a meeting room
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Meet the Bambook Flip-ever

An erasable flip chart with impact.

How does it work?

100 ideas, 1 erasable flip chart
Erasing the flip-ever
Write and erase

Endlessly visualize your ideas

Do you recognize this situation? A large piece of paper with just a few circles and some illegible scribbles that ends up in the paper bin immediately after the meeting has been concluded. If it were up to us, that’s a thing of the past. With the Bambook Flip-ever, you can easily make small adjustments and erase when your meeting or brainstorming session is finished.
Scan and share

Sharing is caring

Do you wish to share the output of a brainstorming session with other participants? That has never been easier with the Bambook scanning app. Because the sheets have the well-known black border, you can scan, save and share them in just one click
Collaborate in teams

Together you can make a difference

You often land on the best ideas when you are brainstorming in a small group. We have thought of that as well. Due to the erasable sheets that you simply click on and off, the Flip-ever is ideal to use during a collaborative brainstorming session. Simply click the sheet out of its holder, put it on the table and you are ready to start mind mapping for example. Are you finished? You easily attach it back to the holder.
Flip the page

Flip fever

The Flip-ever has 7 erasable sheets. As you are used to with a regular flip chart, you can flip through these sheets. Using our special Bambook whiteboard markers, the ink dries quickly so you don’t have to worry about your notes fading or wiping away as you flip through the pages.
Reuse your paper

Don’t rip, but rather reuse

Tearing of a sheet of paper from a flip chart can be quite satisfying right? We totally get that. Instead of ripping off the sheets when you are done with them, you simply put them back on the holder, wipe and reuse.

All the advantages in one paragraph?

Yes we can!
Flip for impact

You are in charge

Let’s get right to the core. At Bambook we are committed to making a positive impact on our planet by fighting deforestation. However we can’t realize that without you. A solution that is not used, is not a solution. It’s time to flip the page. Because only together we can make our sustainable option the new standard. With the Flip-ever you don’t have to choose between what’s right for you and what’s right for the environment.
Efficient and cost effective

Never run out of space for your ideas

Do you also go through a complete pack of paper during a creative session? Sheet here, sheet there, before you know it there are paper sheets flying everywhere. Purchasing new sheets is a recurring expense that can add up in the books. Due to the erasable nature of the Flip-ever pages, you have all the space you could need for your ideas and you save significantly on inventory and sourcing
Work smarter

Flip-ever. Always a good idea

End your brainstorming session on a high note and take away the good ideas only, not piles of paper that end up in the trash. Brainstorming on location? The Flip-ever fits universally on all flip chart standards (A1 size).
Classic design

Beauty and the brains

Aside from its inner qualities, the Flip-ever is also appealing on the outside due to its tasteful and classic design. The Flip-ever is a real eye catcher in your meeting room. The front sheet can also be customized with your company logo or corporate design.
Reduce waste

No more messy meeting rooms

Paper waste is not only bad for the environment, overflowing trash cans with piles of paper scraps is also not a very representative look if you ask us. Keep your meeting rooms looking clean and sharp.
Flip-ever and confidentiality
Privacy first

Big Brother is watching you...

Confidential information is often discussed during meetings. The Flip-ever is GDPR-proof as you can erase the sensitive information after the meeting and start your next gathering with a clean slate. No need for complicated protocols nor garbage disposal companies.

Meet the Flip-ever

Stylish, durable and also very smart!
Endlessly resuable

The Flip-ever at your office or meeting location?

Cut down costs

Save costs, sourcing and inventory


Make your office more sustainable, reduce paper waste

Gain efficiency

Work smarter during meetings, brainstorms and presentations

Convinced of the benefits?

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