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Bambook x you?

Collaborating with Bambook?

Collaborating with Bambook?


What is Bambook?

Bambook is the place to get your erasable stationery: for at home, at school or in the office. You’ll find everything to fit your personal work style. And that is why we are especially curious… what you think of Bambook and how you use your notebook!

And who are you?

Are you a content creator on Instagram or TikTok, blogger or do you run a YouTube channel ?

That's great! Your reach can have a huge impact when you consider how much paper is saved if one follower starts using a reusable notebook - and that we plant a tree in Madagascar for every product sold. Wow!


Do you have a small reach but are you still enthusiastic? Cool! We are always open for collabs so please do get in touch! 

What does a collaboration look like?

This ranges from giveaways, guest blogs, personal discount codes to reels. We regularly work with content creators who also share our passion for sustainable living and making a positive impact. 

You too? Let's get in touch. Nice to meet you!


Bambook seen at...

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The unpolluted sky is the limit:

We're always open for new collabs!

From minimalist interior accounts to studygrams: we are open to all collaborations. We think it's cool to see how you use your Bambook and are looking for different entrepreneurs, branches and hobbies. As long as you are enthusiastic and your followers also need to experience Bambook, we are a team. deal? deal!

A few examples

We worked together with...
Meester Mark
Mitchel Jay
Sarah Rebecca

Are you next?

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