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Embracing An Eco-Friendly Stationery Set This Semester

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Combining Eco-Friendly with Practical

It’s nearly time to head back to school, and we already know what it’s going to be like; a whirlwind of lectures, late-night study sessions, and endless cups of coffee. But as an eco-conscious student, you can embrace productivity and sustainability at once. Making sustainable choices no longer has to be a chore; it can easily be integrated into your life. Here’s what we mean: 

Eco-Friendly Uni Life is More Than Just a Trend

You might be wondering, "Can I really make a difference as a single person?" The answer, of course, is yes!! Those small, everyday choices add up, and they start with the stuff you use day in and day out. Imagine a world where you can help save the planet just by choosing one type of product over another. And that’s the reality of how quickly the sustainable movement has progressed! It might be as simple as buying a single eco-friendly stationery kit. 

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” Anne Marie Bonneau

Introducing the Ultimate Back-to-School Kit    

If you’re ready to take on stationery that will help you to dispose less and reuse more, we’re happy to have you!  

 Bambook has put together the ultimate Starter’s Kit to head back to school or university with, with a range of items that will not only kickstart your productivity but your green initiatives too. Here’s what you can expect:

eco friendly stationery set
  • An All-in-1 Notebook: All your notes for all your subjects can be kept in one single notebook. Gone are the days of carrying around several books for each subject and wasting endless amounts of paper each semester. A single, erasable notebook (with its pen) for all your needs. 
  • 4-Color S-Pen Set: We know that the best thing about notetaking is using different colors. So, we’ve included a set of 4 pens that are easily used and erased in all our notebooks. 
  • Flashcards Deluxe: These are not your typical flashcards. They're durable, reusable, erasable, and oh-so-effective for acing those exams. Plus, fewer paper flashcards mean less paper waste – a win-win!
  • Cleaning Kit: Wait, a cleaning kit for stationery? Yup! It's all about keeping your goodies fresh and extending their lifespan. Not only are you keeping things tidy, but you're also reducing the need for replacements.
  • Bambook App: Want to save all your notes before erasing and rewriting? We've got you. This app bridges the gap between old-school notes and the digital age. It's like having your notes right at your fingertips, minus the paper clutter.
  • Tree-Planting Initiative: Oh, and guess what? Each kit purchase means we're planting a tree in Madagascar! So, while you're nailing those assignments, you're also making a real impact on our planet. Talk about multitasking!

You’re not just choosing an eco-friendly stationery set; you're joining a movement, a tribe of forward-thinkers who know that sustainability can easily be implemented in our daily lives. 

Ready For Your Kit?

Check out the Sustainable Starter Kit, and let's embrace a greener, more productive upcoming semester. Here's to a year filled with success, style, and a whole lot of positive change!

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