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17 advantages of an erasable Calendar

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17 advantages of the Bambook Calendar

Feed your focus

New at Bambook! By popular request, we are excited to introduce you to the erasable calendar for maximum efficiency. You can easily erase your changed appointment and rearrange your day. Whether you are a structured or spontaneous planner, our erasable calendar offers enough flexibility and space for your daily activities and your weekly to-do list. Month after month, year on year. Not entirely convinced yet? In this blog we'll tell you 17 advantages of the Bambook Calendar.

Writing in agenda

The advantages

Laid out for you

1. No more scratching in your agenda

Change of plans? You don't get stressed anymore! From now on you just erase and rearrange your day. Simple as that! 

2. Easily adjust goals

You can easily adjust your goals if things don't go as planned. As much as it is important to set goals that fit within your possibilities, it’s also important to remain flexible. Sometimes things just don't go the way you expected. With an erasable calendar that shouldn’t faze you! 

3. Super sturdy

With more than 7 years of experience, we know for sure: our hardcover Bambook is not easily broken. You can take it in and out of your bag all year round and if it falls there is nothing to worry about.

4. Rounded corners, no dog ears

The rounded corners prevent the pages from curling up and folding when putting it in and out of your bag for example. 

5. Elastic around your agenda

Keeps everything nicely put together and organized. 

6. Marker elastic

This way you always have your marker at hand! You get one marker for free with your Bambook Calender. There is a felt tip on the back of the pen for small corrections. 

7. Can lay flat on the table due to ring binder

So you can finally lay your agenda flat on the table without frustration.

8. Bookmark

Allowing you to easily navigate to the current week. 

9. Can be used year after year

New year, same calendar. No paper waste!

10. Personalized for your business

Your logo on the front cover? We'll take care of it! Ideal for work schedules.

11. Clean design

Look back at yesterday and focus on tomorrow. Feed your focus!

12. Accessorize

Upgrade the Calendar with our cleaning kit, tabs or the colored marker set. This way you can work even smarter!

13. Plan ahead

You can plan your exercises or activities ahead.

14. Get a grip on your to-do list

A to-do list with every weekly overview

15. Enough space per day for all your appointments

Spaciously set up so you have enough space for all your appointments

16. You are never too late to buy it

Oh no! The new year has started and you have completely forgotten to get yourself a new planner in the midst of all the holiday madness… It happens, but it is quite a shame as you’ll be unable to use the first weeks of your paper agenda. Not anymore with the erasable Calendar! The Bambook Calendar has no dates (this is for you to fill out) so you can start at any time of the year.

17. If you've done something, you can erase it

Trust us: erasing your tasks feels so much better than crossing them out. Out of sight, out of mind.

From chaos,

to calmth and structure

An agenda helps create overview and peace of mind. We use our planners to set appointments, write down deadlines, write down important dates such as birthdays or holidays, write down homework or assignments, in short, to remember what we have to do and to get it out of our heads. But let's be honest: it doesn't get any easier if you have to scratch and mark your agenda when an appointment changes, right? Order our new Bambook agenda today and start working more efficiently!


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