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About Vattenfall

Vattenfall is an energy supplier that is active in eight countries. In the Netherlands alone, we supply energy to two million customers. At people's homes, at companies and at the government. Together with our customers, we are working hard on our ambition: to live fossil-free within one generation.

This is a major ambition that we continuously pursue with every step we take. Of course we have already taken the step to generate our own energy from sun, water and wind. But it doesn't stop there. For example, we use residual heat from the port to heat houses. With the GreenBattery we supply sustainable energy in places where there is no network, such as at festivals. And we are constantly expanding our network of public charging points.

Case Vattenfall

When the name change from Nuon to Vattenfall was introduced, the Vattenfall Five Days was initiated: five days long, every day a surprise for their regular customers. Vattenfall soon realized that a Bambook softcover was a good gift for their small business customers. It was the sustainable nature of our product that appealed to them: making endless notes without wasting paper sounded like a tailwind.

What have we done?

In collaboration with Vattenfall, we have tackled the campaign in a big way. We completed more than 40,000 Bambooks in the Vattenfall house style.

Customers could upload an address in a simple but secure way, after which the Bambooks were delivered to their personal letterbox, in a sturdy box.

"I can describe this in one word: customer-oriented. The cooperation was very pleasant. The lines were short and action was taken quickly. Even after office hours I could contact Bambook with pressing questions. Very nice party to work with."
david dasburg
David Dasburg Customer Journey Marketeer MKB

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