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Things That Matter
Dille & Kamille Bambook

Dille & Kamille:

A place to slow down

At Dille & Kamille you will find the most beautiful home accessories. All made of natural materials and produced responsibly and sustainably. We were asked to make a Bambook for their employees at the office and in the shop, entirely in the chain's iconic soft green branding.

"Something that reminds us of our message"

Dille & Kamille was looking for a suitable form to bring their 'Things that matter' brand campaign to life internally. That's how they came into contact with Bambook.

"We were looking for a fun and accessible way to communicate the core message of this campaign, linked to our mission and vision, with the entire team."

To do this, they looked for "something you use every day that always reminds you of our message." A notebook was perfect for that! Not to mention, "Bambook is a sustainable option that lasts a long time and thus totally suits Dille & Kamille and our campaign."

Dille & Kamille dingen die ertoe doen
"Our needs and options were well considered."

At Bambook, we set to work on personalising an A5 Original entirely in Dille & Kamille's well-known brand identity, complete with extra personalised pages featuring the campaign story. 

Dille & Kamille

And if you look closely, you'll see that we didn't just make the booklets in Dutch. Dille & Kamille branches in Germany and France were also surprised with these beautiful Bambooks!

Dille & Kamille Bambook NL
Dille & Kamille Bambook FR
Dille & Kamille Bambook DE

Wensen & mogelijkheden

“Er werd goed naar onze wensen en de mogelijkheden gekeken”, blikt Dille & Kamille terug op deze fijne samenwerking.

En ook niet onbelangrijk: het team is erg blij met hun uitwisbare notitieboekjes. “De notitieboekjes worden door onze medewerkers - op het servicekantoor én in het winkelbedrijf - dagelijks gebruikt.”

Kijk, daar tekenen we voor! Bedankt Dille & Kamille!

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