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Planting Trees

Working together for a greener world

Let's roll up our sleeves.

You have probably read it already: for every product sold, we plant 1 tree in Madagascar. And that makes an impact!

With our reforestation project, we contribute to the recovery of the ecosystem and create jobs for the local population.

We do this in cooperation with Eden Projects.

Will you contribute a tree too?

Eden Projects Team Madagaskar
" Because of Eden Projects, I can feed my family again"
Vavy Eden Reforestation Projects
Vavy van Eden Reforestation Projects Planting site
Madagaskar plantingsite Bambook

Welcome to the Bambook planting site!

This is where your tree will be planted

he Bambook planting site is located in northwest Madagascar in the dry, deciduous zone of Madagascar. This zone is one of the most distinctive tropical dry forests in the world. 



Bäume wurden bisher gepflanzt

Wir haben es geschafft!

Wir haben 1 Million Bäume gepflanzt!
Bambook planting site

Für jedes verkaufte Produkt pflanzen wir in Zusammenarbeit mit Eden Projects einen Baum in Madagaskar. Im Laufe der Zeit wurden mehr als 90% der Wälder und Regenwälder abgeholzt, was eine direkte Bedrohung für die gesamte Biodiversität darstellt. Mit unserem Wiederaufforstungsprojekt tragen wir zur Wiederherstellung von Madagaskars Ökosystem bei und schaffen Arbeitsmöglichkeiten für die lokalen Gemeinschaften.

Why should we plant trees?

Green, greener, greenest.
Reason 1 why we should plant trees

Trees provide biodiversity

Forests hold about 80% of the world's biodiversity. A single tree can host hundreds of species of insects, fungi, mosses, mammals and plants.

Trees create an environment in which plants can grow that otherwise would not be there: flowers, fruit, leaves, buds and woody parts of trees are used by many different species

Reason 2 why we should plant trees

Trees provide oxygen

Through photosynthesis, trees are our planet's hoovers. They absorb harmful pollutants and release clean oxygen for breathing.

A tree has the ability to remove harmful gases like carbon dioxide, making the air we breathe healthier.

Reason 3 why we should plant trees

Trees capture water

Trees consist more than 50% of water and need a steady source to grow and stay healthy. They therefore serve as a natural sponge, collecting rain, filtering it and letting the excess water drain away quietly again. Thus, a tree reduces the risk of natural disasters such as floods and landslides.

Hey, meet the planting team!

They take care of your tree.
Eden Projects
Madagscar planting team
Madagascar tree planting
watering the trees
Eden Projects Madagaskar
Eden Projects planting trees
Madagascar team work
Madagasccar plantig site
Magadascar deforestation

We want to reforest Madagascar

To restore and expand vital ecosystems

Madagascar is home to more than 200,000 unique species of plants and animals. But - deforestation is a major threat to biodiversity. Because - more than 90% of Madagascar's original forests have been destroyed.

This has made animal species extinct and made it increasingly difficult for local people to live off the land. Because much of it has been felled, these forests are in critical condition.

As a result, local plant and animal species are threatened. Together with Eden Projects, we are planting trees to restore and expand vital animal habitats. Biodiversity conservation is a top global priority due to the massive loss of many unique species and habitat.

The socio-economic impact of our plantingsite

With our reforestation project, we create employment and steady income for local people. We actively involve the local community in the reforestation of their community land.

These are the trees we plant

on behalf of your purchase.
  • Adansonia

    Probably you know him as the iconic Baobabs

  • Jack Tree

    The tree which grows jackfruit!

  • Albizia Lebbeck

    It is full of fragrant flowers and pods.

  • Euphorbiaceae

    This tree is a member of the Spurge family

Baobabs tree Bambook

Probably you know him as the iconic Baobabs

Jack tree Bambook
Jack Tree

The tree which grows jackfruit!

Albizia lebbeck tree Bambook
Albizia Lebbeck

It is full of fragrant flowers and pods.

Euphorbiaceae tree Bambook

This tree is a member of the Spurge family

Read more about these wonderful trees
Just planting trees is not enough.

Just planting trees

is not enough.

Besides planting trees, together we need to ensure that fewer trees are cut down. The biggest causes of tree felling are the creation of arable land for palm oil and soya cultivation and overexploitation of wood (e.g. for furniture or paper). Through our endlessly reusable writing alternative, we ensure that many less trees need to be cut down. Not just planting, but stopping unnecessary tree felling.

Here's how Bambook makes an impact.

We care for what we love and make choices that fit that. Find out more about our people, products and planet!

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