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Your Lifestyle Planner

The Complete & erasable whiteboard planner
lifestyle planner

The Lifestyle Planner:

Your Roadmap to Achieving All Your Goals

The Lifestyle Planner is carefully crafted to allow you to turn your large, yearly goals, into doable, detailed milestones. From quarterly, monthly, and weekly planning, to habit tracking and meal planning, the lifestyle planner has everything necessary for optimal productivity. Here is how you can use the Lifestyle planner in a foolproof way to reach your dreams:

Let's Start With the Basics.

Using a Bambook
Erasing Bambook with the back of the marker
Erasing your Bambook

Erase for impact

Bambook is erasable, and therefor reusable. That's why Bambook is your last notebook! How to erase efficiently? Erase your pages with a damp cloth. Use the eraser on your marker for minor corrections.

Marker of
The erasable Bambook marker

Some remarks about the marker

The Bambook is a special marker. The ink will dry in a few seconds, so that your notes are not accidentally erased. Do not press too hard with the marker to keep your pages nice and shiny! Try to put the cap on the marker reguraly. This prevents the marker from drying out.

Scanning with the Bambook app
The free Bambook app

Scan, share and sync your notes

Digitize your pages with the Bambook app before erasing them. Create folders in the app and sync them with Google Drive or OneDrive. This way you have your notes save and accessible anytime . Of course your scans can be shared easily as well! Download on Google Play or the App Store

lifestyle planner guide

The Complete Guide to Using Your Lifestyle Planner

What to expect

Here's what you need to know about our Lifestyle Planner to make your year the best one yet. 
Your Planner includes: 

  • A detailed Life Review template- paving the road to your goal planning
  • A template for goal deep dives and setting milestones, actions, and rewards
  • Daily routine templates that will form the building blocks to achieving your goals
  • A powerful habit tracker template and guide
  • Personal templates for planning meals or workouts
  • Quarterly, monthly, and weekly review templates to reflect, plan, and prepare
  • Daily planner templates to help set intentions, tasks, and to-dos


lifestyle planner guide

Need some helpt with your Life Review?

Here is a complete list of questions that will help you.

In our Bambook Lifestyle Planner, on page two, you’ll find space to do your indepth Life Review.

Today we’ll give you a checklist with questions to consider for a indepth life review. 

These are the 8 topics that we cover in our planner:

  1. Family and relationships
  2. Health
  3. Work and career
  4. Finances
  5. Personal development & Skills
  6. Spiritual
  7. Free Time
  8. Remaining Projects



Frequently asked questions

about the Bambook notebook

Bambook notebook questions

What will I receive with my Bambook Lifestyle Planner?
  • Your A5 size Bambook Lifeestyle Planner
  • 1x free black Bambook size S marker (writing thickness: 0.6mm)
  • Thanks to you, we plant a tree for every item sold!
  • Free use of the Bambook App
  • Bambook training with tips for optimal use
What are the Bambook Lifestyle Planner specifications?
  • Hardcover
    • Cover: Thick bamboo with an engraved logo. Back cover is equipped with an elastic band to keep the notebook well put together.
    • Size: A5, 210x148mm
  • Original
    • Cover: Firm FSC certified kraft cardboard (100% durable)
    • Size: A5, 210x148mm
  • Each Bambook Lifestyle Planner contains 20 erasable sheets, that’s 40 pages.
Does a Bambook also work for left-handed people?

Yes, for sure! Brent, one of the founders of Bambook, is left-handed himself. So we’ve thought about that as well! The Notepad is specifically suited for left-handed people, because the ring binder is situated at the top. 

Tip from Brent: place your Bambook at a slight angle and you are good to go! 

How do I clean the pages?

Small corrections such as punctuation errors, letters and smudges can easily be made with the eraser on the back of your Bambook marker. For large adjustments and cleaning a full page, we recommend using a slightly damp cloth.

You can find even more cleaning tips in our blog.

How quickly does the ink of the marker dry on the page?

Within 8-10 seconds the ink will be fully dry. After the ink has completely dried, it won't smudge as you move your hand over it or when you close the notebook to get back to work.

What are the advantages of an erasable notebook?

With an erasable notebook you make a positive impact on the environment, your wallet and you contribute to the fight against single-use products, paper waste and deforestation. We've listed the main benefits for you:

  • You retain the benefits of writing by hand, but without wasting tons of paper.
  • Win win! You contribute to a more sustainable world, without sacrificing ease of use
  • In addition to the piles of paper you save, you also plant a tree in Madagascar with your purchase. Extra impact!
  • You save money: an erasable notebook lasts for years so you don't have to buy a new notebook every month
  • You work more efficiently
  • You start every day with a clean slate. No distractions!
  • Erasing your to-do's instead of crossing them out gives a wonderfully tidy feeling.
  • You will never lose your notes again
  • No more guilt about writing too much

Do we need to say more? Ready to opt for less paper waste and smarter writing? Check our products. 

When will I receive my order?

Normally you will receive your order within 2-3 business days. Are you already waiting for a longer time? Please give us a call or shoot us an email.

about our mission

What is the impact I can make when ordering a Bambook notebook?

From the moment you start reusing your Bambook, you can make great strides in sustainability. This prevents the further (unnecessary) production/recycling of paper. Looking further, it is also important to take into account the fact that both making new paper and recycling it consume a lot of water and energy. Recycling is a great step in the right direction, but that does not alter the fact that these processes also have a significant impact on the environment. We would like to prevent this by reusing products instead of using single-use products.

Where will the tree be planted?

The areas where Bambook is planting its trees are in Madagascar. These are areas where mangrove and regular forests have been cut down and destroyed. This results in infertile farmland and entirely wiped out flowering ecosystems.

Would you like to know more? Read more about Eden Projects here.

How many trees will be planted due to my order?

That depends on the order quantity. We plant one tree on Madagascar for every Bambook sold.

Still got questions?

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