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Bambook hardcover with your logo
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Everything you need to know about personalising a Bambook

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A personalised Bambook

How does it work?

From 25 pieces upwards we can personalize Bambook erasable notebooks with your logo or branded design. An erasable notebook makes for a great gift for your employees, business relations or volunteers or as an onboarding gift for new joiners, for example. With this original and sustainable gift you will surely leave a lasting impression! Personalizing a notebook is quick and easy. Curious how it works? We’ll explain it by taking you through some of the most frequently asked questions.


Different sizes

What are my options?

#1. Select the cover
First of all, you select the cover of your liking. You can decide between an Original or hardcover Bambook notebook. 

#2. Size matters
Both of the aforementioned options are available in A4, A5 and A6 format. 

#3. The inner pages
Every Bambook contains 20 erasable sheets, which makes for 40 pages in total. You can choose which page printing best fits your working style. You can decide between: Blank, lined, a combination of these two (left blank/right lined), to-do list, grid, dotted and even music sheets. 

  • Standard option includes one kind of page printing for all 40 pages. 

  • You can also decide to completely compose the inner pages to your liking with a maximum of 4 different types of pages printings within one booklet. For this we do charge an additional fee. 

See how it works

What is the difference

between hardcover and Original?


The hardcover Bambook is a slightly more luxurious edition with a sturdy cover made of bamboo sheets. If you choose this option, we will laser your logo on the front cover. Please note that the Bambook logo is already engraved on the front (centred near the bottom edge) 


The Bambook Original is made of FSC certified cardboard which makes it more flexible. In contrast to the hardcover, you can fully customize the Original and print your design in full-colour. You have the opportunity to brand the frontside, backside, and inside of the cover. This way you can create a fully branded Bambook. 

Both options have their own unique advantages. We’ve listed them for ease of reference:

Softcover vs hardcover

What are the options for personalization?

There are 2 different techniques that we use for personalizing your Bambooks.

1. Laser engraving

We apply this technique for personalizing a hardcover Bambook notebook. A laser burns the logo or design onto the bamboo plate and leaves an imprint on it. For this, we work with silhouettes or a black-and white logo or design. The black components are being engraved and the white parts are excluded.

Aren’t you sure whether your logo lends itself to laser engraving? We are always happy to help! By working with different levels of depth we can still create different shades of colour in your logo or design. Additionally we can achieve a great amount of detail with our laser machine so in most cases we can definitely make it work.

2. Full colour printing

This technique is applied for personalizing our Original Bambook notebooks. This essentially means that the design is realised using CMYK colours. With this technique, there are no restrictions in terms of colour so you have a lot of design freedom. 

Bambook being lasered

I’m excited to get started!

What’s next?

In case you have chosen the Hardcover, all we need from you is a logo vector file. The file format is .eps or .ai. We will create a laser mock-up which we will send for your approval and once you have signed off on the design we will start production. 

In case you have decided upon the Original, you can go crazy on the design. We would like to receive your design as a printable PDF with 3mm bleed and trim marks. Do you need help with your design? No worries! With just a logo we can already create a beautiful looking Bambook. Our in-house designers can help you create a unique design. 

Here you can find the design requirements. 

Do you have some examples

for inspiration?
We sure do!
Albert Heijn

Extra possibilities 

  • Wil je graag een hardcover maar toch nog een extra persoonlijke touch toevoegen? We kunnen ook een extra losse pagina toevoegen. 
  • Misschien nog een leuk idee: print een openingswoordje op de binnenkant van de kaft.
  • Corona-proof: De Bambooks kunnen individueel naar mensen thuisgestuurd worden als brievenbuspakketje.
  • Heb je een uniek idee? We denken altijd graag met je mee.



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