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The 7 benefits of writing in the digital age

Posted in Productivity

The 7 benefits of writing in the digital age

Despite the digital age in which we find ourselves today, writing is and will continue to be an integral part of our daily lives. And while typing may be a lot faster, several studies show that writing has its own unique benefits. Curious what these are? Read further and don't forget to take notes in your Bambook notebook!

1. What you write stays.

Handwritten notes are stored faster in our short and long term memory. When learning is the goal, it's better to write than to type.

Why, you may ask?

  • Thinking while writing helps you remember it better.
  • You activate parts of your brain that are involved in both your thinking and working memory.
  • You simply talk and think faster than your pen glides across your page. As a result, while you listen, you also immediately filter what is really important and write it down in your own words. And it is precisely this effort that ensures that the material is processed and stored better.
  • When you write, you move your hands and arms more than when typing. Research shows that these writing movements create a more complex memory track than typing. This allows you to better recall the context and content.

2. Writing forces you to stand still

When you type you are less aware of this versus when you write. Taking notes on your laptop or phone is often accompanied by multitasking, which can cause a lot of distraction. And yes, you can just turn off your notifications. But admit it, you feel the temptation. When you write by hand, you literally stand or sit for a while with what you are writing, without distraction. By writing down your thoughts and making a plan every day, you become much more aware of your goals and this motivates you to take action.

3. Writing promotes your creativity

Having fun with your hands: that promotes your creativity. While writing by hand, the brain is stimulated in a special way. There are no restrictions. You can completely fill in what you do with that blank sheet… only then can the creativity really flow.

4. No pressure!

There is less pressure to perform when you write by hand. No Microsoft Word looking over your shoulder and correcting your texts before you have finished your sentence. It doesn't have to be perfect. Don't worry about syntax, grammar, or perfectly articulating your thoughts. By writing by hand, you focus solely on the writing and feel freer to let your thoughts run wild.

5. New insights

You can sometimes stare at a problem or stare at a screen for hours hoping that a perfect essay will magically emerge. Sometimes it helps to take your eyes off the screen and just start writing! Make sure your phone and laptop are out of reach. That gives peace and focus. Writing it down ensures that your brain stops longer and thinks better about a certain problem. Give it a try and maybe you will come to surprising insights!

6. Rest in your head

'Write it off!' Writing by hand has a therapeutic effect. By literally writing off your emotions, you create peace and space in your head. Writing by hand activates both hemispheres of the brain so that you can rationally put your emotional experiences on paper and you feel lighter. Writing by hand is more intimate and it feels safe. You are in direct connection with the page and can therefore better process your emotions.

7. You don't forget to write, do you?

As a child you practice endlessly to make beautiful loops and to write legibly. By writing a lot you develop and maintain your handwriting. But writing is like riding a bicycle, you don't forget that? That's true, but if you write little or never, you will write slower and your handwriting will become less legible. According to researchers, writing by hand also helps with learning letters and shapes, and expressing your ideas and thoughts to others. It also contributes to your fine motor skills.

Conclusion: Keep on writing!

Writing by hand activates different parts of your brain than typing. For example, writing by hand promotes memory, your creativity and ensures peace of mind. In addition, we feel safer to let our thoughts run wild when we go back to basics. At Bambook we want to keep the advantages of paper and throw the disadvantages through the shredder.


What benefits do you experience from writing by hand?

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