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tips voor jouw werkstijl
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3 tips for your working style

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3 tips for your working style

You just put on the kettle, went upstairs, forgot what you came up there for, turned on the laundry machine and spontaneously started cleaning the bathroom – Oops... your tea is cold already!

OR: drink a cup of tea first, plan that it is better to clean the bathroom first and then do your laundry at 13.30 sharp. What is your approach?

Your working style

A week ago we asked you via Instagram what your working style was. During the day it was a neck and neck race, but the results were finally: 54% work task by task, 46% work on all tasks at once.

Although it is difficult to determine what type you are, everyone eventually has a dominant work style. It may be that you are structured at work, less so at home or vice versa.

In this blog we give three tips for both working styles that you can apply today to optimize your working style. Good luck!

Working style task by task

Do you prefer to work through your to-do list in a structured way? Then you are probably:

  • Good prioritization
  • Motivated to complete tasks
  • Considered
  • A thinker
  • Result-oriented

Chances are you are often seen as the one who has it all done right. Although they often do not see that stress and a high bar are also involved. The advantage is that you get a lot done and can probably bear a lot of responsibility. With enormous perseverance you have to be alert that you do not run out of certain tasks that demand too much of you. Despite the fact that you are probably fine in your safe structure, today we give you 3 tips to improve your working style.

1. Enjoy!

You can enjoy your (busy) day, even if it may feel less efficient. A cup of tea, a walk in between, just calling a friend: all ways to take some air into your day. A well-known quote goes: “You should spend at least 20 minutes a day in nature. Unless you're really busy… then at least an hour.” you get the point; working hard also means relaxing hard.

2. Alternate

Try to alternate. Switching between multiple tasks may feel chaotic, but it can ensure that you don't linger unnecessarily long and that inspiration comes back into your task. It may just be that your tasks go a lot faster afterwards.

3. Dare to let go of structure

We benefit from structure, but dare to change your structure or experiment with a different work approach. See what really works best for you. Bend the norm!

Work style tasks simultaneously

Do you have one hundred to three thousand tasks on your mind every day? Then you are probably:

  • Motivated to get started
  • A doer
  • Creative
  • Ambitious
  • Process-oriented

You will often start your tasks out of enthusiasm, but realize halfway through that another task has more priority. Result: at the end of your day you haven't been able to cross anything off your to-do list, because no task is really finished. Incredibly frustrating.

It is good to consider whether there are also tasks that you can outsource so that you can bring more focus to your to-do list. Especially if you are a people pleaser and like to roll up your sleeves for someone else. Because you probably like a lot, it is tempting to quickly take too much on your plate.

But – keeping all the balls in the air becomes too much at some point. Time to optimize your workflow with three little tricks!

1. Set priorities

Create an overview and make a to-do list. Prioritize the list using the Eisenhower matrix. Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Should I do this now?
  2. Should I do this now?
  3. Should I do this now?
  4. Should I do this now?

Is the day coming to an end, but you haven't been able to do everything yet? Then delete your to-do list and make a new one for the next day. This way you stay focused on the priorities for the day, without distractions.

2. Set goals

Set a goal for the end of the day. And no, not too optimistic. Set an achievable goal and break it down into small subtasks. Be a little strict with yourself that you do not deviate from your plans.

3. Focus!

Chances are that you are often distracted by all kinds of things around you that give you ideas for other activities. Still, it is good to train your brain to be able to work longer on a task and to bring focus into your day. You get a lot more done and the end of the day means: clearing your to-do list!

That's it for today. We hope you can apply the tips for an ultra productive day.

Do you have any more tips that have helped you in your work style? Share them with us below, we're curious!

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