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11 reasons why you need an erasable notebook NOW!

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11 reasons why you need an erasable notebook in your life

Despite the digital age we live in, notebooks are still our best friend. Most people still enjoy putting pen to paper every once in a while. It gives a sense of peace, can provide new insights, and it also proves to be useful for processing complex information. The only downside is that the pages become full of notes that we often never look at again. After a while the notebook is full and ends up in the trash or somewhere in a cupboard or drawer. Out with the old, in with the new! Not exactly sustainable and not very efficient either. Recognizable? Then a Bambook whiteboard notebook might be just the thing you need in your daily life.

What is a Bambook reusable notebook?

The concept of a reusable notebook is actually very simple: a notebook with the same qualities as a whiteboard. On a whiteboard, you can write and erase endlessly. However, I think we can all agree that dragging a large-size whiteboard everywhere isn’t very practical..

The best of both worlds

A Bambook is an erasable notebook with pages that are made of FSC-certified paper that have been treated with a type of lacquer, making them fully erasable (without smudging). Just like a whiteboard, but nice and light so you can easily take it with you everywhere you go. The 20 erasable sheets are held together by a spiral binding. This way you can open the booklet and lay it flat on a table.

Bambook on the go

Smarter writing: how does it work?

Every Bambook notebook comes with a free special marker with which you can write on the whiteboard paper. The ink only takes 8 to 10 seconds to dry completely. This way, your notes will remain intact and you will not accidentally erase them when you run your hands over them. Made a small spelling mistake? You can easily correct this with the eraser on the back of the pen. To erase the entire page, use a slightly damp cloth. It comes off quickly and no ink is left behind. “Sounds great, but what if I want to keep some notes for future reference?” No problem! With the free to download Bambook scanning app you can also easily scan your notes n and save them on your phone or in the cloud.

Erasable writing in 5 simple steps

It's really that simple!

  • Step 1: Write on the page with the Bambook marker
  • Step 2: 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… and the ink is dry already! You don’t have to worry about smudging or accidentally erasing parts of the text.
  • Step 3: You can choose to digitize your notes with the free Bambook scanning app.
  • Step 4: Have you saved your notes or don't need them anymore? Erase the ink with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Step 5: Use the page again.
"An erasable whiteboard notebook: Is that something I need in my life?"

We can hear you thinking: “is this really something I need in my daily life?” Well, let’s break it down for you. A Bambook erasable notebook is definitely for you recognize yourself in any or all of these situations:

1. A quick scribble here and there
After a while your notebook is full. Full of thoughtful notes and beautiful drawings that you’d like to keep, but probably also full of scribbles, tasks and braindumps. Most of the things you write down only matter on that day or for that week specifically (such as to do lists). All those quick notes here and there ultimately add up and amount to quite a lot of paper waste. An erasable notebook is the ideal solution: just erase and it’s ready to be reused again.

2. You want to compose your own erasable notebook
Notebooks. They exist in all shapes and sizes. Finding one that completely matches your personal style and working method isn’t always as easy. With Bambook you can compose the pages yourself according to your personal preferences. In addition, the booklet is literally made especially for you in our sheltered workshop where Patrick personally handpicks them. 

3. Do you love making lists?
Making lists: we love it! Shopping lists, to-do lists, wish lists... With an erasable notebook you no longer have to use 101 paper sheets flying everywhere or stacks of notebooks. With the Bambook app you can keep all your lists in one place.

Making lists in Bambook notebook

4. Like overview and structure?
An erasable notebook provides peace of mind and overview. No more clutter on your desk. From now on, all you need is a single erasable notepad.

5. Start every day or week with a clean slate
A completely ticked off list at the end of the day. Check! That’s a wonderful feeling right? After the day is done, you delete the list and create a new one for the day or week to come. You’ll no longer be distracted by old tasks, but always start with a clean slate! Practice makes perfect

6. Do you consider yourself huge perfectionist?
With an erasable notebook you don’t have to feel bad for just scribbling random stuff. You can always erase it without wasting tons of paper. Because there is no pressure to do it perfectly right away, you do not experience any barriers to let your ideas run wild. You should try it sometime!

7. For those who enjoy endless writing
Writing by hand is important. It has a healing effect, helps connect things in your head and it helps with your concentration in general. At Bambook we are a big fan and believer of combining physical and digital for the optimal workflow. Want to read more on this topic? Here's another interesting read for you. 

8. Are you left-handed?
You may be wondering, “As a left-handed person, won’t I accidentally wipe away the ink?” Because the ink dries quickly, you won't accidentally erase the text when you would move over it with your hand. Brent - one of the founders of Bambook - is left-handed himself. He often gives as a tip to lay the book a little slanted. The notepad with ring binder on the top is ideally suited for left-handers.

Lefthanded person writing in his Bambook notebook

9. Never want to lose your notes again?
Tired of all those sticky notes lying around and never being able to find them when you actually need them? Then Bambook is definitely for you! With the Bambook app you can store all your notes in one place and you can easily find them again.

10. Want to make a positive impact?
In addition to the piles of paper you save, by purchasing a Bambook you also plant a tree in Madagascar. Moreover, your Bambook is assembled by hand by people who are distanced from the labor market. By purchasing a Bambook, you make a positive contribution to these causes.

11. Want to save money?
Bambooks are durable books that will last for years if you take proper care of them. No more buying new materials such as school supplies, notepads and folders every semester. In the long run, this saves a lot of money.

Ready to opt for less paper waste and smarter writing?

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