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Getting the most out of your Bambook marker

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Tips and tricks for your Bambook marker

so you can enjoy it to the fullest

The inevitable moment: your pen starts to falter. Should you throw it away and buy a new one? Or.. In this blog you’ll find out all there is to know about your Bambook marker and we share tips on how to get the most out of it. The ink in this case!

About the ink of the Bambook marker

Speaking of ink. Before you have finished reading this paragraph, the ink is already dry. For real? For real! The text you have written in your Bambook will be fully dry within a matter of seconds. This way the ink doesn't smudge when you move your hand over it. This also means that the ink in the tip of the pen is more prone to drying out quickly. It is therefore advised to put the cap back on your pen immediately after writing. This prevents the ink in the pen from drying out and faltering.

TIP: put the cap back on the pen immediately, even when you are thinking or chatting with a colleague!

Bambook Marker with hand

My Bambook marker has dried out.

What to do?

You know what? We all need a moment sometimes to get our creative juices flowing. So does our Bambook marker. Is the ink not coming out smoothly right away? Don’t panic! Here’s a tip for you: It often helps to lightly press and turn with the tip of the marker on the page. This restarts the ink flow. Are you afraid you will damage the pages of your beautiful Bambook? Try it on an old piece of paper, such as a piece of packaging or a receipt. (Added bonus: this saves some extra paper!)

TIP: Write or press gently on normal paper to get the ink flowing smoothly from your Bambook marker again!

Is your marker not working anymore?

Try this lifehack!

Note: always put the cap on

Note: always put the cap on

What if the pen has accidentally been left out to dry without the cap on for a while? No worries! When the marker has not been drying out for too long, the ink flow can be started up using the following tip:

TIP: put a drop of water in the cap of the pen, put the cap back on and leave it together overnight (cap pointing down). Then write or press gently on plain paper and hopefully your marker will write again as usual!

My Bambook marker is empty. What to do?

If the aforementioned tips didn't help, but you don't want to say goodbye to your pen yet, we totally get that!

Good to know is that the Bambook marker has an average lifespan of about 3-6 months, depending on the intensity of use. This is comparable to the lifespan of a normal pen. Because all good things eventually come to an end: the ink in the pen will eventually run out.

Do you feel like your pen isn't just having a bad day, but is simply running out of ink? Then we also have a solution for this: the refill station!

Reduce even more waste?

Check the refill station!
(Re)fill your almost empty Bambook marker to avoid even more waste!

Endlessly reuse the Bambook marker with the refill station

The refill station is an ink bottle with which you can refill your Bambook marker at least five times. How convenient is that?! You click the pen into the opening of the refill station and leave it there overnight. Then let the pen get going for a while by writing on the page of your Bambook or on regular paper. This way you and your pen can go back at it for a while!

Note: it is important that the pen is not completely empty when you want to refill it. The refill station needs moisture in the pen to be able to adhere to it and for the pen to be able to absorb the new ink.

The Bambook marker, not just any marker

We can hear you thinking: you're only talking about the ink, what about the rest of the Bambook pen?! One of the other signature parts of the marker is of course the felt eraser on the back. Do you want to know exactly what you can use it for and how to clean the ink?

You can find all about this

in our blog about cleaning your Bambook notebook:
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