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Creativity has no time

Posted in Productivity

How you can optimally use your creativity

Creativity knows no time. Or is it? Is there such a thing as the most creative time of the day? And how can you best use that time?

1. Morning or evening person

The time frame in which you are most creative is highly dependent on your sleep schedule. For example, do you prefer to go to sleep before 10 o'clock so that you are alert in the morning? Or are you a real night owl and do you only get going later? Morning people are generally more creative in the evening and evening people in the morning. Isn't it just the other way around? No, surprisingly not! When you are tired, you are less focused and wandering thoughts due to fatigue could, according to various studies, provide surprising ideas and insights. In addition, you approach the issue or problem from a broader perspective and you do not immediately suffer from tunnel vision due to a (too) focused view. This does not mean that you should exhaust yourself, because a good night's sleep is also important for your overall productivity and health.

2. Not in the mood

Your state of mind also plays an important role when we look at creativity and how and when it can best be used. A positive mindset helps enormously with this. When you believe that you can come up with a creative solution, you are also more likely to come to that creative solution. Sounds logical, right?

3. Relax!

Creative inspiration often arises when you relax. At the beginning of the evening, for example, you enter the recovery phase. Then your mood generally improves, but you are also less alert. And it is precisely this combination of a good mood and less concentration that makes this a good time to be creative. Activities in which you produce dopamine, such as a walk, listening to beautiful music or visiting an exhibition, can also provide new inspiration.

4. Don't force it!

Ironically, research has shown that people are least creative when it is most expected of them. It is precisely when your brain is at rest and you are more easily distracted that the most creative and innovative ideas can arise. That's why many people have a Eureka moment in the shower. Do you recognize that?

5. Quiet environment

You can sometimes stare at a problem or stare at a screen for hours hoping that a perfect essay will magically emerge. Sometimes it helps to take your eyes off the screen and just start writing! Make sure your phone and laptop are out of reach. That gives peace and focus. Writing it down ensures that your brain stops longer and thinks better about a certain problem. Give it a try and maybe you will come to surprising insights!

6. Good timing is everything

How do you find out what time of day works best for you?

  • Keep a log of your most creative moments
  • Switch it up: maybe you're wasting your most creative moment of the day with administrative tasks. Try planning your next brainstorming session at another time and see how it goes.

Conclusion: you determine the most creative moment of the day yourself.

There is definitely such a thing as a most creative time of day. only this is different for everyone. Several factors influence your creativity. Your natural rhythm and sleep cycle play an important role, as do your mood and environment. Finding out at what time of day you are most creative can help you organize your day even more efficiently.

And you? When are you most creative?

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