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3 Tips for planning like a pro with your new Bambook Calendar

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Your Calendar has arrived

Time to get started!

A calendar may seem pretty straightforward. And it is, but you could probably get so much more out of it than you already do. In this blog we'll share 3 tips for using your calendar in the most efficient way so you can start planning like a professional! Your best weeks are yet to come. Let's go!


#1: Who's planning?

Determine for what purpose are you using your calendar.

Are you using your calendar for business appointments only or do you purely use it privately? And what will you put in it? Work or school deadlines? Your daily schedule? P.s. no wrong answers here!

#2: Know the difference

Separate your planning from your to-do list!

This gets mixed up very often. Scheduling every e-mail and phone call in our calendar can get messy and full real quickly due to which you lose focus. And that is not what we want! Feed your focus by separating your to-do's from your actual planning. 

Here's an example: 
Don't: Going to the market, calling Anne, baking a cake, tidying the office
Do: Work on research from 14:00 - 16:00.

See the difference? 

On your to-do list, you determine your absolute priorities within a given timeframe, such as a week. In your calendar you plan out those priorities per day and even per hour in some cases. Putting yourself on a time-bound schedule helps you focus. It's also important to plan your breaks so you don't forget them. 


Enjoy the benefits

of an erasable calendar
  • Don't scratch, but rather erase: your planning stays neat & clean
  • Bookmark with which you can easily navigate through the pages
  • The pages don't have a date on them so you can use them year on year.

Read all of the benefits here.



#3: Add some colour to your week

Find balance and rythm 

We are not made to do the same thing for hours on end. In order to maintain focus throughout the day and week, it's important to add some variation in your activities. 

How? Label your activities for a well-balanced week.

So let's break it down for you: divide your week according to activities of physical effort, mental effort, physical relaxation and mental relaxation.

Using the Bambook marker set, you assign a colour to each activity. This way you can easily see whether you have well-balanced week ahead of you.

Red = physical effort
Black = mental effort
Green = physical relaxation
Blue = mental relaxation

Monitor what your weeks look like and how it affects you in order to find your perfect rythm. 


You got this!

Good luck!

Good luck with your planning! We hope these tips will come in handy. Enjoy your Bambook Calendar, year on year, time after time! 




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