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Make the office an inspiring place

Posted in Productivity

Back to the office?

With these 5 tips you can turn your office into an inspiring meeting and meeting place

After more than a year of working from home, we can go to the office more often. Yes! (or do you just think “oh nooo!”). The office is expected to become more of a meeting, inspiration and meeting place, and less of a place to work alone at your desk. But how do you ensure an inspiring environment where creative and effective brainstorming sessions are created? In this blog we share 5 tips that you can put into practice right away!

Lessons from the lockdown

The lockdown has taught us that you don't have to sit in the office for 40 hours to be productive. On the contrary, we also experience many advantages of working from home:

  • Less travel time
  • More concentration than in the busy office
  • More independence

The other side of the story is that we miss the spontaneous conversation over the simmering coffee machine and the toast to small (and big) successes. If you ask us at Bambook, we prefer to brainstorm in the office. Or in an inspiring place in nature, for example. Who's with us?

  • No stuck images during a video call, but immediately pick up on that brilliant idea of ​​your colleague.
  • No children or pets to interrupt the meeting.
  • And no people who have told their whole story while they were accidentally muted.

Office as a meeting place

The expectation is that we will work much more hybridly and the office will become a place where you come together for meetings and brainstorming, while at home you can work concentrated behind your desk to tick off your to-do lists.


5 tips to turn your office into an inspiring meeting and meeting place

1. Provide variety

Change creates new ideas and insights. Switch it up and invite participants from another team for a fresh look or move your brainstorm to an external location. Do you still brainstorm on paper? Make the switch to sustainable!

2. Work in small groups

More souls, more ideas? Unfortunately, that's not quite the case. We often enjoy brainstorming with others rather than alone. Logically, it gives energy. However, a brainstorming session is most effective when the number of participants is limited. In a large group, people have the feeling that their personal contribution is less noticeable and that it has less influence on the result. So make sure everyone feels heard. This contributes to a sense of responsibility for the follow-up.

3. Provide the right tools

You never hold a session alone. Our latest product offers a solution for an interactive brainstorming session: the Flip-ever. A stylish and durable flipchart that is endlessly reusable. The sheets are easy to remove from the stand and can therefore be used anywhere, for example in groups at the table. Ideal for joint mind mapping, for example. Done with the session? Scan the output in our Bambook app and easily save or share with other participants.

4. Make sure everyone reads carefully

A good brainstorm starts with yourself. By reading carefully in advance, you are more aware of your role, there is more diversity in the input and everyone is given the space to let his or her ideas speak.

5. Music maestro!

Listen to music that gives you energy before the brainstorm. This way you can enter the brainstorming session full of energy! Check here our playlist gets energy from songs .

What does collaboration in the new normal look like for you? Let us know under this blog!
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