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From Dreaming to Doing: get the most out of every day with the Bambook Lifestyle Planner

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Hey daydreamer! What does it feel like to have achieved all your goals after a year? Discover it for yourself!

With the Bambook erasable Lifestyle Planner you can actively work on your dreams, self-reflection, habits and achieving new goals.

Curious about what you will be writing in next? We will take you on a small tour of the planner. Keep scrolling to browse through.


Why a Lifestyle Planner?

Achieving goals: If you think they're only for highly disciplined people, you're wrong. With the Bambook Lifestyle Planner you can experience how much fun it is to achieve success in the small steps - it's the roadmap for achieving your goals!

Thanks to the simple method, you will find control and focus on the things that really matter to you.

  • Learn to reflect honestly - based on prompting questions
  • Define what is important to you - concretely and with vision
  • Start looking back and planning forward - see the whole picture
  • Focus on what you want - not everything at once
  • Step by step - from year, to quarter, month, week and day.
  • Learning new habits - or say goodbye to bad ones
  • Erasable and endlessly reusable - sustainable with no paper waste.

And that is not all.

Wwhat did you think about…


Keep your planner together - neatly

Pen Run

This way you always have your pen at hand - you get it for free.

Ring Binder

Open your planner on your table or lap, without it closing.


Quickly and easily return to the page where you left off thanks to the handy bookmark.


Don't scratch it out, erase it instead: your Lifestyle Planner stays neat & clean.

Rounded corners

Rounded corners, no dog ears.



 Let’s have a look inside

The Lifestyle Planner has 40 pages with templates for goals, life-quarterly and weekly reviews & previews, gratitude journal, dotted pages and much more.

Page 1 - Yearly Goals

One overview of all the goals you want to achieve for the year.

Page 2-3 - Life Review

The best template to reflect on your life and gain insight into goals that are important to you. Create a list of everything you want to do, change, improve or stop in two steps.

Page 4-7 - Goal Deep Dive

To look at your goals, motivations, milestones and to do's.

Page 8 - Daily Routines

A place to build new routines throughout the day.

Page 9 - Habit Tracker

A simple schedule for tracking your habits to reflect honestly. Become aware of your lifestyle!

Page 10-11 - Personal Template

Personal template for workouts, meal plans and schedules. 

Page 12-15 - Quarterly Review & Preview

Quarterly review with your results, progress and reflect on it all.

Page 16-23 - Weekly Review, Preview & Overview

Week review where you reflect on lessons, highs, lows and gratitude.

Page 24-37 - Gratitude Journal

Reflect on today, your intentions and focus.

Page 38-40 - Dotted Pages

Bullet journal pages for notes.

Back in time:

This is how the idea for the Lifestyle Planner started.

Our First Love: the Bambook Classic

In 2014 we launched our Bambook Classic. In addition to lines and blank pages, the idea for a template with to-do lists quickly emerged. It's ideal for keeping an overview of your tasks.

Do-Book: Be Even More Productive

The Do-Book followed in 2018. A special Bambook for planning; with monthly planners (monthly and weekly overviews) and weekly planners. To provide extra support, we introduced the Weekly Focus page for your Goals - and a Habit Tracker!

Bambook Calendar: Setting Annual Plans

Making annual plans was the next wish! That's why we developed Bambook Calendar in November 2021 to record your plans for an entire year. Here you will find an annual overview and space to schedule your appointments every day for 52 weeks.

And Now We're Here: The Complete Lifestyle Planner!

At the beginning of 2023, the idea arose to create a more step-by-step planning notebook based on a proven methodology. Many concepts further, here is the Lifestyle Planner; a Bambook with a special template to turn your big dreams into small, achievable milestones. This way you focus on what you really want, so that you feel satisfied on the couch at the end of the day. Good job!

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