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The portable whiteboard

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Stick up for a paperless office

The Bambook Stick-on is a whiteboard sheet that you can stick against smooth surfaces such as windows and metal. Moreover, the Bambook Stick-on never loses it's stickiness and it doesn't leave any marks. This means you can continually reuse it and reduce paper waste during each meeting! Added bonus: We will plant a tree for every product sold.

Portable whiteboard

Always ready to go

The sheets are easy to carry and therefore perfect for when you’re regularly on the road, for creative workshops for example.You will no longer have to put loose hanging sheets of paper on the wall.


Go big

Plenty of space for your ideas

Each whiteboard sheet measures 594 x 841mm (A1 size) so you'll have more than enough space for your ideas. You can also hang multiple sheets next to each other and create an entire whiteboard wall where you can work on together. That will definitely get some creative ideas going! 

Stick-on with sticky notes
A force to be reckoned with


The Stick-on sheets are ferrous and therefore work perfectly together with the Bambook Sticky notes.

Scanning stick-on
Scan your output

Sharing is caring

Do you wish to share the output of a brainstorming session with other participants? That has never been easier with the Bambook scanning app. Because the sheets have the well-known black border, you can scan, save and share them in just one click

Reuse Endlessly

Erase and reuse

After your meeting you simply erase the sheets. Ready for your next paperless brainstorm session! 

Create a whiteboard surface

Whenever and wherever
Endlessly resuable
Bambook Stick-on
Bambook Stick-on
Bambook Stick-on
Bambook Stick-on

The Stick-on at your office or meeting location?

Cut down costs

Save costs, sourcing and inventory


Reduce paper waste

Gain efficiency

Work smarter during meetings, brainstorms and presentations

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