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6 new features in the Bambook app

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6 handy new features in the Bambook app

Hey Bambooker! Have you tested the new and improved Bambook App yet? This new update is full of new, smart and practical features that will help you work even more productively. This way you really get the most out of your Bambook notebook. Check out the new features below! 

Write - scan - erase - repeat

The Bambook app has been available for a while now, allowing you to digitize your notes. However, there was significant room for improvement. Listening to your feedback, we have continuously developed and improved the app over the past year. After intensive testing we are excited to be able to share it with you!

Bambook app before and after

7 new features

1. New year, new look

Taken back by the new look? The app design has been completely restyled due to which it has become easier to digitize your notes and navigate through the folders.

2. Follow your intuition

Scanning should be quick and easy, right? For us that means you should be able to scan, edit, save and share your notes in just a few simple steps. You have other things to do after all. With the new update, the steps have been simplified and made more intuitive so digitizing your notes is done in a jiff! 

3. We love structure! 

Why save your notes to boring folders if you could store them in your own colourful digital notebooks. And the best part:  By assigning colours to certain types of notes you can create a structured collection of scans. Let’s say blue for personal notes and yellow for business related notes. This is entirely up to you, of course! Looking for your meeting notes of last month? Found it!

4. So in sync!

Syncing folders has been made easier as well. Now you can sync via the menu or from within a folder. Once a folder has been synced successfully, a cloud icon will be shown.

5. Never lose your notes again

“Mm where did I save those ideas for an upcoming campaign?” No need to worry! From now on you can also find them under 'all scans'. Easily locate scans by performing a search request on the name or date of the scan. 

6. Open for feedback! 

Our app is here to help you find your ultime workflow. However, we will continue to develop the app to better serve your needs. We could really use your help with this! Will you let us know what you think of the new app? In the new update you can easily share your feedback with us using the feedback form in the menu. 

Scan notes
Edit your scans
Manage folders
Sync with the cloud
Share notes
All scans

Ready to try it for yourself?

This is how you install the Bambook app

Ready to try the new features yourself? Download the Bambook app from the App Store or Google Play. Have you already installed the app on your phone? In that case, all you have to do is update the app! If you have given permission for this in Google Play or the App Store, it should be updated automatically. 

Which feature is your favourite? 

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