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bambook for it companies
Work greener with Bambook

Bambook for IT companies

Save paper & plant 1 tree per product!
bambook for it companies

The perfect match.

Why Bambook fits well in the IT sector

Increase the sustainability of your business with erasable office supplies. Bambook saves you both paper and procurement. Bambook is the solution to prevent the waste of paper within your IT organization.

There is a lot of project-based work in the IT sector. The methods are often progressive and require a lot of creativity and thinking. Think of Agile practices such as SCRUM, SNAP and KANBAN.

Practice shows that IT companies use paper tools to practice these matters. Think of Brainstorming, concepting and managing projects.

Bambook helps your organization to perform the working methods you are used to in a smarter way, without wasting paper. Check out below with which products you are able to do this.

Our favourite products

To realize our mission.

Bambook already works for some cool IT companies

Stories from our customers
bambook flowbook

The notebook specially for UI/UX

A Bambook with specially printed pages
For the UX/UI designers among us we developed the Bambook Flowbook. In collaboration with IT companies, the pages of this erasable notebook are specially made to the wishes of UI/UX’ers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Bambook

Can I personalise a Bambook with my name or logo?

From 25 pieces and up we can create a logo with your logo or custom design. More information? Contact us or request a quote to find out what the possibilities are for your company or event!

Is the Bambook App free?

The Bambook App can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Where will the tree be planted?

The areas where Bambook is planting its trees are in Madagascar. These are areas where mangrove and regular forests have been cut down and destroyed. This results in infertile farmland and entirely wiped out flowering ecosystems.

Would you like to know more? Read more about Eden Projects here.

About your order

When will I receive my order?

Normally you will receive your order within 2-3 business days. Are you already waiting for a longer time? Please give us a call or shoot us an email.

How much will be charged for the shipment?

Bambook ships to almost every country in Europe. The shipping costs and the minimum amount for free shipping differ per country.


Shipping costs

Free shipping from







Germany, Austria & Luxembourg



France, UK, Spain & Italy



Denmark, Poland & Czech Republic



Is VAT included in the prices on the webshop?

All our prices are including VAT.

How will my order be delivered?

Where possible, your package will be delivered to your doorstep by bike. We work together with Fietskoeriers. We can deliver by bike in all major cities in the Netherlands. If this is not possible in your region (or not as efficient and sustainable as 'regular' shipping), we work together with DPD to deliver your package. For business orders we work together with DHL.

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